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10 Easy Ways To Boost Metabolism For Weight Loss

You would have come across endless nuggets of advice on how to boost metabolism for weight loss, but the only piece of information that can be considered effective and useful are the ones that have been tried and tested. More so, the journey of weight loss should start by debunking the myths about metabolism like not everyone overeats and becomes overweight, and not everyone who becomes obese or overweight develops illnesses like heart diseases or diabetes. You need to harbour the suspicion that a “slow metabolism” is the answer to a lifelong struggle of controlling your weight.

In this thread, we’ll share 10 easy ways to boost your metabolism to aid your weight loss journey.

1. Pile On Your Protein intake

Image Source : Pixabay

Piling on your protein diets are increasingly popularized in lay media, making it a promising way to lose weight by providing the twin benefits of decreasing fat mass and improving body’s satiety. Understand it like this, protein is made up of amino acids, which are comparatively harder for your body to break down in comparison to carbs and fat, so in a way, you burn extra calories to get rid of them. Eating more protein in your diet can also reduce the drop in metabolism often associated with losing fat.

2. Nibble Small Meals All Day

It might sound counterintuitive to you, like why would you eat all day if you wanted to lose weight? But the science behind it says that eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day rather than having 3 larger meals everyday is effective to keep your metabolism humming. On an added note, it also holds you from going without food for long periods of time that you do not become s hungry to overeat. Make sure that you don’t allow more than 4 hours to elapse between your meals and include protein, for an added metabolic boost.

3. Drink Green Tea

Image Source : Unsplash

No, we are not asking you to flush out coffee from your system, just throw a few cups of green tea into your daily rotation to have your pants fit a little looser. Research proves that the caffeine and catechin content in green tea boosts the metabolic function by 4-5 percent, as well as improve fat oxidation by 10-16 percent. And, you can’t rule out the extra perk of drinking green tea – its antioxidant properties.

4. Pump Iron - Weight Training

If you trust the experts, they say weight training is the best way out to crank up your snoozed metabolic rate. With age, your metabolic rate tends to drop but pumping iron can rev it right back up again. A regular strength training can push the resting metabolic rate between 6.8 to 7.8 percent. Which is to say, if you weigh somewhere around 120 pounds, you can easily burn approximately 100 more calories a day only by having two 15-minute lifting sessions a week.

5. Rev Up your workout routine

Another way of how to boost metabolism for weight loss is to rev up your workout routine by adding interval training to your workout routine. Include bursts of high-intensity moves, twice a week, in addition to your cardio workout to notice a great metabolic boost. Go ahead and incorporate a 30-second sprint into your jog timings every five minutes or you can also add a one-minute incline walk to your treadmill stretch. On other days, you can shake up your workout routine by including 40 minutes of intense cross-fit training.

6. Don’t mess up your sleep cycle

Image Source : Unsplash

Research says that skimping on your sleep routine can derail your metabolism. It is because when you’re exhausted, your body runs on low energy even to do the normal day-to-day activities, which also includes burning calories and automatically lowers your metabolism. If you struggle to have a good night’s sleep, the easiest way is to schedule your workouts early in the day and try soaking in a hot bath later.

7. Replace Cooking Fats With Coconut Oil

Research around coconut oil is centred around the fact that it can keep you full, boost your metabolism, and blast your belly fat. The long-term consumption of coconut oil will help you burn more calories than a diet which has a heavier quantity of long-chain fatty acids, including cooking fats like olive oil, avocado oil, or soybean oil.

8. Stick to a low glycemic diet

Next on the list will ask you to ditch all those carbs and instead hog on a low-fat diet which is rich in veggies, legumes, beans which will increase your metabolism right away — and hold your blood sugar from spiking. While most of us think that managing weight is all about calories in, calories out, but it is also the quality that matters. Scientist arrived at the conclusion that a low-glycemic diet works best.

9. Drink Lots of Water

Image Source : Pixabay

Wondering how drinking water boosts your metabolism? It might seem too easy, but it really does work. In a research piece published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, experts found out that drinking lots of water can increase a person’s metabolism by a whopping 30 percent in a matter of10 minutes after drinking only 16 ounces of H20.

10. Keep moving throughout the day

Now, we all know that sitting for long hours is bad for our health. Similarly, the prolonged sedentary time has shown to gain weight (obviously!). It’s time that you limit your Netflix watching ours and even try to stand more while you’re at work. This is how you can lose weight with minimal efforts.


Should You Try Energy Drinks?

Sure, some ingredients in energy drinks are caffeine, which can increase the amount of energy your body uses and give your metabolism a boost. Some energy drinks also have taurine(an amino acid) which can push your metabolism two-folds and help burn fat. But on the downside, having these drinks on a regular basis can lead to problems like anxiety, blood pressure and sleep issues in some people.

Do metabolism pills work for weight loss?

When we speak of metabolism boosters, they contain a combination of ingredients that lead you through a process of thermogenesis. It increases the production of heat in our body which in turn, stimulates energy use and increases metabolism to burn extra calories.

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