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Teas to Relax Your Mind, Alleviate Stress, and Help You to Sleep!

Posted on 08 June 2020

Teas to Relax Your Mind, Alleviate Stress, and Help You to Sleep!

It looks like the world is an unexpected upside down as we exist in virtual reality. News cycles intensify concerns and anxieties, and unintentionally, even well-meaning behaviours such as sharing concerns with loved ones or controlling family emotions can trigger or increase stress and leave us sleepless.

Perhaps a small break will help create our private harmony, one that we maintain, something that keeps us in contact with the facts. It's like a hot cup of calming tea. Brewed in the safety and comfort of home, a good cup of tea can relieve stress. Even its scent can melt the stress away.

But first of all, a short introduction. Any drink made from steeping herbs (with or without spices) is called "tisane." Tea is a tisane or herbal tea, so it's made from tea plant leaves. The herbal teas and green teas, even if they contain some caffeine, will help alleviate tension.

Owing to decades of free trade, we don't need to scour special markets or gardens for the best teas. Here are some of the favourite herbs that make great soothing teas:


This garden herb has lovely daisy-like flowers no bigger than a fifth. Awesome herbal tea is made from dried flowers of chamomile.  It is a very light yellow hue, with a soft floral fragrance. Chamomile tea helps to relax the stomach and contains apigenin, a substance that encourages sleep, relieves anxiety and can help to alleviate depression.


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Lavender reminds us of a dewdrop-loaded morning. Lavender oil has a naturally soothing fragrance and is very common in aromatherapy as it decreases stress and anxiety and is also used in memory and dementia treatments. A fragrant lavender blossom tea can be all you need to calm your day away.


The root of the Valerian plant is dried and brewed to make another common sleep-enhancing remedy. Often called "Nature's Valium," the root contains compounds that alter the way the brain reacts to angst, stress, and anxiety, and soothes the brain. As the tea is made with a dry base, it has a woody flavour. A splash of orange flower water adds a sweet, delicate fragrance that makes the drink even more enjoyable.

Ashwagandha / Winter Cherry

This herb has been used for more than 3,000 years to relieve anxiety, stress, and insomnia as it is an adaptogen, which means it fixes the stress signal that our nervous system receives. Ashwagandha is also known as the winter cherry. Its roots and leaves are used in herbal medicines. It's odorous and tasteless on its own. For a delicious cup of Ashwagandha tea, steep it with other helpful and aromatic herbs, such as lavender, or some rose petals, which are not only fragrant but also stress busters.


A delicate tropical flower plant, a passion flower, has long been used to soothe the mind. It avoids anxiety and insomnia, and like Valerian, some of its compounds avoid overthinking of the brain. The dried flower, which is steeped in a pot of water, makes a fragrant and soothing brew.

Turmeric and Honey

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It is a powerhouse blend. Turmeric, similar to ginger, is extracted from the roots of the plant (rhizomes, technically) and is very common in Indian and Persian cooking. It is effective fresh and thinly sliced, or in its dry, powdered form.

This yellow spice is an anti-inflammatory and general curing spice. Strong quality honey is thought to be calming and helps with sleep. Turmeric brewed in milk and topped with a spoonful of honey is every Indian grandma recipe to help you relax, but it can also be made as a loose green tea for a milk-free version.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Tea

This classic garden plant can be used for more than just seasoning. Some research indicates that the fragrance can reduce feelings of anger, anxiety, and tiredness. Aromatic peppermint tea is considered to be a perfect remedy for digestive problems such as indigestion and even cold and flu. People often sip the peppermint tea after dinner to soothe the digestive system that helps you sleep better. Separate research has shown that inhaling the smell of peppermint oil can relieve anxiety in people who have been hospitalized for heart attack and childbirth.


Kahwa is a popular drink made with a mixture of green Kashmiri tea leaves, whole spices, nuts and saffron. It is rich in antioxidants, makes you feel comfortable and decreases levels of anxiety. It also helps to counter the harmful effects of stress-induced toxins in the body. It has a rich taste and aroma.

Sage Tea

The Sage herb is considered to be a powerful muscle relaxer. Sage is a great medicine to depend on when you're suffering from mental fatigue and body aches. It makes a very nice drink.

Rose Tea

Image Source: Unsplash

The sweet scent of roses is enough to beat your depression and calm your mind. You can use fresh or dried rose petals and let them steep in the water until they turn dark. Take a drink and sip on it before you go to bed. It has a calming effect on your mind that will help you sleep better.

Lemon Balm Tea (Melissa officinalis)

Mint relative of lemony scent, lemon balm is a commonly used remedy for sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. This tends to work with trusted Source by raising the GABA, a neurotransmitter that relieves stress. Lemon balm extract has been shown to help with mild to moderate anxiety and insomnia in the study. Researchers in a study found that lemon balm supplements decreased symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia in people with a heart disease called angina. Researchers in a study found that lemon balm supplements decreased symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia in people with a heart disease called angina.

Green Tea

Image Source: Unsplash

Green tea, derived from the leaves of a plant called Camellia sinensis, is known for its many health benefits, including weight loss, better brain function, and lower risk of cancer. If you're having green tea during the day, it will make your sleep easier at night. Why not right before bed? The thing is, green tea has some caffeine in it. But one study found that green tea with lower levels of caffeine had better sleep and decreased stress.

Green tea is often a healthier choice and serves as a good bedtime tea substitute for those who do not like the taste of herbal teas. The decaf version contains theanine that reduces stress and improves sleep. A study showed that those who had taken a pure L-theanine supplement before bed reported better sleep performance and a more energized mental state upon waking up. However, a cup of tea doesn't have enough theanine to get you to sleep, so people who have trouble sleeping may want to get a pure L-theanine supplement instead.

Other benefits of green tea include possible weight loss, improved cognitive capacity, deeper sleep, better digestion, and decreased cancer and diabetes risk.

More sleep tea ingredients

The herbs above are the most common varieties of bedtime tea. Most sleepy-time teas often contain one or more of the following sleep-promoting ingredients:

  • John's Wort tea: an effectual all-natural remedy for depression, anxiety and insomnia. It's just a cup of tea away. It is often used to relieve anxiety, fatigue seasonal affective disorder, sleeplessness and the perfect herbal remedy for depression.
  • Catnip tea: Although it makes cats go nuts, catnip tea eliminates human insomnia by causing somnolence. Tea-drinking cat lovers will relate their feline friends to mutual interest.
  • Spearmint tea: Spearmint, or Mentha spicata, is a genre of mint alike to peppermint. This tea is often applied to sleep teas for flavour purposes only and is anti-inflammatory, but it also soothes indigestion and headaches that can cause insomnia.
  • Magnolia bark tea: Magnolia bark has an ancient history as a remedial blend in medicines from China, Japan and Korea to alleviate anxiety and nervous disorders. The active ingredient magnolol is used as a mild sedative to promote sleep and relaxation.
  • Linden leaf or tilia tea: Although usually used as a cure for the common cold, linden tree tilia flowers calming herb is another mild sedative.
  • Hops tea: In addition to producing beer, the same female flowers have been used to relieve tension and relax, providing a bedtime substitute for beer drinkers.


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