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Is Your Baby Having Trouble Passing Stools? Here Are 5 Fruits And Vegetables That Can Help

Posted on 01 November 2020

Is Your Baby Having Trouble Passing Stools? Here Are 5 Fruits And Vegetables That Can Help

Constipation is a condition of utter discomfort while passing bowels that we all suffer from once in a while. Being an adult, it is easier to deal with constipation symptoms; on the other hand, being a baby and suffering through the vows of constipation can be a whole different story. If your child suffers from constipation, here's a guide on how to relieve your child of constipation with the help of 5 fruits & vegetables!

Symptoms of constipation in babies

A mother always knows if something is wrong with her baby. If you fear that your child may be suffering from constipation, look out for the following symptoms:

  • Hard stools
  • Few, like one to three, bowel movements per week
  • Painful or firm abdomen
  • Painful bowel movements

Foods that cause constipation in babies

There are many baby foods that you may be feeding your kid without knowing its effect on your baby. Some of them are:-

Foods that cause constipation in breastfed babie

Formula Food

Formula food contains ingredients like complex proteins that end up hardening the stools. This makes bowel movements difficult and painful.

#1 Apples

Image Source: Unsplash


Even though Apples are well known to provide relief in case of diarrhoea, on the other hand, steamed apples, which are often fed to babies as a delicacy, contain pectin proteins, which harden the stools and give your baby constipation.

#2 Yogurt

Yogurt does contain good bacterias that help facilitate digestion. On the other hand, it has a binding effect on food substances as well. This may cause constipation in children.

#3 Potatoes

Potato skins usually contain fibre that helps prevent constipation. At the same time, potatoes paired with other veggies can prove to be very healthy for your baby if you feed them in chips, butter, or even sour cream. It can give your baby constipation.

#4 Raw Bananas

When feeding your baby, ripe bananas can be beneficial for his health. On the other hand, if you provide your baby raw bananas containing starch, it can be challenging for your baby to digest and give your baby constipation.

#5 Rice

When it comes to introducing your baby to solid foods, one of the popular choices most mothers adopt is Rice and Porridge. The only issue is that some babies find rice hard to digest, and this makes them feel constipated and uneasy.

#6 Carrots

Image Source: Unsplash

While raw carrots and carrot juice are suitable for the health of your baby, on the other hand, feeding your baby steam-cooked carrots may not be that good of an idea. Steamed carrots solidify the stools and make it hard for the baby to excrete it out. This leads to a constipated condition.

#7 Cheese

While cheese is an excellent snack rich in essential vitamins and minerals, it is also low on fibres and can cause your baby's constipation.

Baby foods that help with constipation

If your baby is already suffering from constipation and you are wondering how to make your baby poop instantly or how to relieve constipation in babies quickly, here are 5 fruits and vegetables that will ease your child immediately!




Prunes are a rich source of fibres and multivitamins, helping speed up the bowel movements and ease up the process. Soak up the prunes overnight and feed them to your baby first thing in the morning.

You can also give your baby Prune juice, and it would work like a charm to provide instant relief from constipation.

Green Peas

Green peas that are available fresh during the winters are loaded with fibers, which can relieve your baby's constipation. You can feed your baby boiled peas in the form of a puree, which would aid his/her bowel movements.


Broccoli is widely known as a superfood for babies. It's an excellent source of proteins, fibres, Vitamin C & K, and even Folate. It makes the stool bulkier, which makes it easier to excrete out.


Pears are known to be rich in fibres and Vitamin C; both help proper digestion and relieve your baby of constipation. You can either feed Pear in a puree form or give a few drops of fresh pear juice to provide instant relief from constipation.


While berries are an excellent source of antioxidants, they are also rich in fibres, which can help relieve your baby of any constipation related issues. Berries must be included in your baby's diet and considering their taste. They are easy to feed, as well.

Image Source: Unsplash

Your baby's growing years need to be filled with laughter and joy, not painful bowel movements and tears. Adopt these fruits and vegetables into your baby's diet and watch as that smile takes over the face of your beautiful angel.

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