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Popular Indian Herbal Teas: Home Remedies For Constipation

Posted on 30 October 2020

Popular Indian Herbal Teas: Home Remedies For Constipation

Constipation is a problem everyone is aware of. As variable as this ailment is, so are the solutions to cure it. Every corner shop offers different treatments to ease them, but the question is, are they reliable or not? Surrounded by marketing gimmicks, it is normal to feel confused. As said, this is a variable problem. In simple words, if you're down under and don't run at a usual frequency, speed, or take a lot of pressure, there is something wrong. If your abdominal pain is worse than your last heartbreak, then the most probable cause is constipation.

A problem is a reason behind every invention and, if there is an invention everyone is relying on for ages, it is herbal solutions. Speaking literally, herbal teas for constipation will be your cup of tea in no time. Trusted for centuries, you have various options you can try on. Ready in minutes, it is an instant home remedy for constipation. 

Having doubts is a human tendency, and there must be many questions jumping in that head of yours. To name a few, which herbal tea helps constipation? Does herbal tea relieve constipation? Which is the best herbal tea to relieve constipation? Keep reading to settle all your doubts. There is a saying that old is gold, which states why these ancient fashioned remedies for constipation are trusted. Teas always help. 

  • The primary cause for constipation is dehydration, and drinking tea will help you settle some of it.
  •  Tea being warm will kickstart your digestive system. Help the matter flow through by stimulating it.
  • Another factor for constipation is stress, heartbreak, or breaking that cork; tea always helps. So drink up some herbal to ease constipation and some nerves.

Here is a list of herbal teas to relieve constipation, which will bring your doody pies back on track.

#1 Senna: A natural herb to cure constipation

One of the most popular herbal laxative teas is a must-have ingredient in your star potion for immediate constipation relief. Derived from Senna Alexandrina shrub, it is powerful and detoxifying. Glycosides are the magic behind their poo-poo inducing properties.

#2 Green tea: an all-rounder herbal tea to treat constipation

Image Source: Unsplash


There is no problem that a good warm cup of green tea can't solve. Your ultimate hydra shot to get your metabolism going, a cup of green tea will lift all the barriers. The ingredient behind all the power play is caffeine, which is a great stimulant. 

Note: If you are allergic to caffeine or avoid it, you should seek appropriate guidance before consuming it.

#3 Peppermint tea: freshening herbal laxative tea

Any herbal tea to treat constipation is incomplete without some peppermint. It has an instant soothing effect that will get your bowel stories going in no time.

#4 Ginger: an instant home remedy for constipation

Ginger is an excellent relaxant. It eases down irritation instantly, providing immediate relief from constipation. The list of properties when it comes to ginger is quite long. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-viral properties. It will give your digestive system much-needed strength avoiding problems like constipation.

#5 Licorice root: one of the great foods that relieve constipation

This sweet little root has got great soothing and calming properties. With its anti-inflammatory properties, any herbal laxative is incomplete without its touch. It will help your digestion, not to forget, it gets that sticky colon moving, making it an excellent after-meal drink for the stuffy bunny ones.

#6 Triphala: Are any herbal remedies even complete without it?

Triphala is undoubtedly one of the most popular herbs used for ages. It has laxative properties, glycosides, and other multi-function properties go without saying. Detoxification and purification are what this cup of tea aims for, resulting in a better functioning body and poo-poo. It will help you get the better of foods you eat by increasing your absorption power. Chug on some Triphala tea, and it will calm that restroom orchestra of yours.

#7 Rose: Aren't they supposed to make everything right?

Image Source: Unsplash


From lending a hand to struggling lovers to lending a hand to people with stuffy bums, there isn't anything that roses can’t solve. Boil some petals of it in water, and your herbal tea to ease constipation is ready. Are you thinking about how rose tea relieves constipation? Well, as good as it looks, there is so much more to it. It secretes bile juices, has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, which boost your digestion system. Also, it is a good one for weight watchers and an excellent stress buster.

#8 Chamomile: stress and poop buster

Image Source: Unsplash


This tea is popularly known for its calming properties, but one thing you never knew was it is also a herbal laxative that induces stool. It is a great natural herb to cure constipation as it doesn't only calm your titties but shitties you by relaxing your intestine muscles, which speeds up your bowel movements.

#9 Hibiscus: pop that corks out with the magical properties of this beautiful flower

Not only a laxative, but it is a diuretic too. It is a significant body cleanser that will detoxify both your pee and poo tracks. A great source of vitamin-c, a cup of this herbal tea relieves constipation and strengthens your body. A plus point, it is caffeine-free.

Above listed are some of the great herbal teas that help with constipation. Always remember the following points. 


Things To Remember


Do your research before consuming them, considering your allergies. 


They may be an instant Indian home remedy for constipation in adults, but you should double-check everything for the kids. 


These herbal teas will help you ease down constipation, and results vary from person to person. 


Every tea has different intensity, and you should take them as per the suggested dosage.


Too much use of laxatives can aggravate your problem, always consumed in moderation.


Always consult a doctor for a full diagnosis in case you think it is severe and not self-treatable. 

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