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Top 5 Causes For Constipation In Indians And How To Manage Them

Posted on 09 November 2020

Top 5 Causes For Constipation In Indians And How To Manage Them

Are Your Guts Giving You A Silent Treatment? Make-Up With Them

Do you have that feeling in the morning when you're down under and don't loosen up? Do you miss those days when you could fill up the bowl in the 2-seconds flat? Then, buddy, you need something other than those pancakes. We all hate that feeling when we cannot freshen up, and it feels like our poop got sticky claws and are refusing to leave. Chronic constipation affects approximately 63 million people worldwide, which is about 12%! Constipation is when you have less than three bowel movements per week, although it also depends upon the frequency of how many flights take off your runway. Don't worry if it is any less than that, because you are not alone. Constipation can hit anybody. Older age people, to pregnant women, everybody is the victim. With various reasons to clog your schnitzel chute, most common are hormones, diet, or inactiveness. Here are some of the causes of constipation and How to relieve constipation fast.

#1 Dietary Patterns

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What goes into your mouth leads to what happens down-under. Poor dietary patterns lead to irregular patterns of offshoring. The unhealthy practices include eating excess sugary food or drinks, having excessive junk food, or excess of animal-derived food such as dairy or meat. Apart from this, some of the constipation symptoms may include improper eating patterns, eating excessive, or too little or carrying on with fancy diets may also give an invitation to bowel stories.  

To manage this trouble, and to have a healthy gut. One must have a diet rich in fibers, as they promote better absorption of nutrients. One must limit the consumption of sugary sodas and alcohol as they lead to dehydration. Cut on low fibre foods such as dairy and meat. Fibres are one of the foods that relieve constipation. Start having green tea differently curated for your gut. has an alternative that will come out to be a remedy to constipation.

#2 Not Attending Nature's Call

Sometimes, we often realize how important something is, only when it is gone. The same goes for your bowel movements too. Over holding or resisting the urge to shed off could make your body angry and act in defense. You can acknowledge that you have messed up when you start to feel nauseous and start getting cramps and aches. Severe cases may include getting blood in the stool. 

To manage this problem, one must not resist the urge to shed off. Respect your bodily functions. If you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, don't delay. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to pass off.

#3 Stress

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If you think your poo-poos cannot feel the mess's pain in your head, then you are wrong. Your body is in union with each other. Stress can lead to constipation in several ways. Stress hormones directly influence bowel movements by affecting bodily processes. In addition to this, people start off to change their eating and lifestyle patterns by eating more/less, by stress eating, having high sugary foods to uplift themselves, and many more. Herbal teas like rose petals, herbal laxatives to reduce bloating, natural remedies for weight loss they also aid in detoxification and cleansing.

If you are looking for immediate constipation relief caused by stress, Over-the-counter laxatives can reduce or eliminate constipation. Yoga, exercise, and meditation may help you get rid of the stress and constipation. Start to make healthy lifestyle changes and, if required, contact a therapist. 

#4 Medical History 

Sometimes, constipation is the result of other medical issues and problems. Diseases like thyroid, diabetes, spinal cord injury could lead to constipation. In other cases, issues related to digestion also lead to constipation. Examples being IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Lazy Bowel Syndrome. In these cases, The colon contracts and happens to retail stool. 

To manage this problem, your doctor may advise you to be on laxatives. However, one must take care not to use them for more than two weeks without further consultation. Your body can become dependent on them for proper colon function. Also, adding probiotics to the diet has been shown to help those who suffer from Chronic Constipation. 

#5 Slower Metabolism and Inactivity

Slower Metabolism and Inactivity could lead to constipation as it does not allow bodily functions to be function effectively in the process of digestion. Slower Metabolism and Inactivity is also the result of age. With older age, people usually move less muscle that does not allow metabolism to work fast. Slower Metabolism and Inactivity also leads to less muscle contraction strength along the digestive tract. 

To combat this issue, Aim for about 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week, with a goal of 30 minutes per day at least five times per week. Try walking, swimming, or biking. Every day, drink 1 1/2 to 2 quarts of unsweetened, decaffeinated fluids, like water, to hydrate the body. 

Health is not valued till sickness comes. Preserve and love this treasure. 

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