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Tulsi Green Tea – Uses, Benefits And Side Effects

Posted on 17 November 2020

Tulsi Green Tea – Uses, Benefits And Side Effects

Tulsi, also known as the holy basil, is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in Ayurveda's study. Tulsi's importance extends not only to its medicinal properties but also to its symbolic representations of the holy. Adaptogens, being the significant components in Tulsi, are responsible for energising your body and relieving stress. 

One of the many ways of consumption of Tulsi is taking it via its green tea. There are many health benefits of the Tulsi green tea, and hence there are many reasons for you to finally decide to have it on your diet routine. 

Benefits of Tulsi Green tea

#1. Potentially heals cough and cold

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The medicinal properties of Tulsi will work wonders on your cold and cough. The anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties will help in reducing your infection. Many institutions preaching Ayurveda suggest drinking Tulsi Green tea for asthma and bronchitis. Though they are not exactly the recommended allopathic medications, they provide a huge relief when consumed. The release of phlegm in the case of dry cough and easing respiration problems are also some known health benefits of Tulsi Green tea. Tulsi is known for its immunity properties.\

#2. Benefits in weight loss plans

If those few extra pounds are troubling you, the best way to lose them is by drinking Tulsi Green tea. The leading cause of your weight gain is the slower metabolism of your body. Tulsi leaves benefits for weight loss. They are natural sources known for their detoxification properties. Tulsi Green tea will flush the toxins out of your body and increase your metabolism rate. With this, your digestion becomes a lot easier, and the calories will always remain controlled. If you wish to prepare some green tea, here is one straightforward recipe.


4-5 Tulsi leaves, 1 glass of water



Add tulsi leaves to the water and bring it to boiling. After 4-5 minutes, strain the mixture in a cup and add some honey for taste. Serve hot! 

Tulsi green tea benefits people with diabetes

The imbalance of insulin in the body causes high blood sugar. Despite numerous medications recommended to a diabetic person, the only way he/she can efficiently regulate it is by regularly managing his/her diet. To this, adding Tulsi Green tea will do wonders. The tea is very efficient in speeding up your weight loss programs and will also help regulate type-2 diabetes. Also, due to its multiple nutritional properties, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety. 

#4. Skin treatments

Remember the antioxidants in Tulsi? These antioxidants are your go-to home remedies if you need spotless skin. You can use the recipe mentioned above, and make sure that you drink this tea daily. This will be very helpful for conditions like dandruff where your scalp loses its moisture. It improves the quality of your hair by bringing its shine back and reduces hair fall to a great extent. Therefore, Tulsi green tea very efficiently benefits for maintaining good and healthy skin.

#5. Dental treatments

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Tulsi leaves are generally chewed by people who have dental problems. Accumulation of food in teeth leads to the formation of plaque. This leaves a nasty smell in the mouth. Tulsi's anti-microbial properties react to the germs in your mouth and relieve you from bad breath problems. Therefore, Tulsi green tea naturally acts as a mouth freshener. In case you suffer from gum inflammations or mouth ulcers, drinking Tulsi green tea every day will gradually reduce these symptoms. 

Side-effects of Tulsi Green tea 

# It can result in increased anxiety and insomnia.

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Too much consumption of Tulsi green tea can lead to restlessness, anxiety, irritability, etc. The calmness that you receive also lowers your heart rate. Even though the caffeine in the tea will react in the body of those who are allergic to it in a less amount, therefore, make sure you consume it in regulated amounts only. These psychological disorders can cause many problems further. 




The tea is known for aiding in weight loss, but 'catechins' in the tea can have adverse effects and cause iron deficiency. However, it is only when you drink it more than the average amount. To avoid this, you can squeeze half a lemon in your tea. 


If you are already on certain medications for specific ailments, make sure you consult your doctor before adding the Tulsi green tea to your diet. Certain antibiotics may react with the components of the tea and may also make you physically weaker. According to many research studies, it is observed that Tulsi green tea, combined with the medication for asthma, may lead to liver damage. 


Avoid consuming the tea on an empty stomach. It can increase indigestion and also cause nausea. Researchers have found that overconsumption of the tea may lead to excessive vomiting and weakness. It also causes diarrhea because of the laxative properties. Overeating of the tea may lead to extreme movements in the digestive tracts, and you may suffer from constipation. 


Drinking this tea (in excess amount) can have adverse effects on blood pressure and heartbeat. Usually, Tulsi helps in calming anxieties and moderating the excited states in depression. However, you may experience increased blood pressure and irregular heartbeats on the consumption of this tea.

Info: Moderation is essential! Make sure you drink Tulsi green tea in regulated amounts only. If possible, consult a doctor before starting its consumption. If any of the above side effects occur, seek medical help immediately! 

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