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What Is Triphala Churna Powder Made From?

Posted on 15 November 2020

What Is Triphala Churna Powder Made From?

yurveda is known to use leaves, roots, the bark of trees, seeds, fruits, and other parts of the plant to treat various health conditions. One of the popular combinations is the Triphala is the Triphala churna powder, which means three fruits used to make one concoction to build up your immunity and ensure that all body elements are maintained. It is a brown powder and commonly used medication for relieving constipation, though it has many other wonderful uses. You can now procure Triphala churna powder online.

The three fruits are (Triphala ingredients)



Bibhitaki (black myrobalan)

Works on controlling the production of phlegm in the body

Amalaki (Indian gooseberry) 

Works on the imbalance of acids in the body


Works on the gastric imbalance in the body


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Certain imbalances in the body happen due to stress and various other factors that need to be taken care of when consuming Triphala churna usage as medication. You will maintain them as before. In Ayurveda, the focus is not only on curing the bodily ailment to find out that the body, mind, and spirit get to be in harmony with each other. Even if one of them isn’t in the right state, there will be repercussions on the individual’s health. You will have to seek the best Triphala churna powder for consumption.

The ayurvedic medical system is an ancient one that believes that whatever we consume represents the state of our health. The uses of Triphala churna powder medicine ensures that both the bowel movements and digestion of the individual are detoxified and strengthens the immune system. Any individual can consume Triphala and benefit from its use. 

The important issue is regarded when purchasing Triphala. During the manufacturing and packaging process, it can get contaminated with lead and mercury, which is toxic to human health. The Triphala churna powder price is affordable and found in most ayurvedic shops for purchase.

Uses of Triphala churna powder 

  • It contains antioxidants: that help the skin from aging by increasing the college production and preventing the skin’s sagging due to aging and other factors. It helps form a protective layer on the outer skin and heal skin injuries faster.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anit-bacterial properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving oral health: It helps reduce plaque formation, and a condition called gingivitis, which may cause bleeding gums, can be avoided if the mouth is rinsed regularly with Triphala. Studies have shown a reduction in cavities.
  • Treats fatigue
  • Eliminate gastric distress
  • Cure pneumonia
  • Prevents cancer
  • Help treat AIDS
  • Maintains Blood sugar levels: The consumption of Triphala enables the body to maintain the blood sugar levels.
  • Constipation: People suffering from bowel movements are often prescribed Triphala, which has proven useful to regularise bowel movement frequency and other related symptoms. It is a mild laxative, which doesn’t cause a significant upset in the natural digestion process. Since digestion is improved and correction of the bowel movements happen, you will notice that Triphala churna powder for weight loss can be possible. It has a lot of fiber that will help you not get hungry more and reduce your food intake.

Studies have shown that when used on animals, there have been positive results and human trials are yet to be done. Several benefits of Triphala churna powder have been discovered over the years, and people now understand the importance of consuming Triphala churna powder.

Triphala is consumed as a supplement and commercially available for purchase as a pill. You may find the liquid form of Triphala, which is for external usage only. No internal consumption, and avoid getting it into your eyes.

Dosage of Triphala powder 

There are prescribed dosages mentioned on the labeling that has to be followed to prevent side effects due to overdose. The right way to consume the Triphala tablet would be before getting to bed, along with an ample amount of warm water. Some of the users are prescribed to take Triphala before food and after it. Hence consulting the doctor would be the right way in the future.

How to take Triphala churna powder

The powder form of the medication is available, and you would have to dissolve it in warm water before consumption. It would be like any brewed herbal tea. Users have used Triphala as an oral mouthwash. It may be noted that Triphala doesn’t have a pleasant taste and is mostly bitter, which many may find it hard to consume. Hence if you add a little honey or lemon to the mixture or the liquid before consumption to enhance the taste, it would be as potent as before.

Triphala should not be given to:

  • Infants
  • Elderly
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Pregnant women

Side effects of Triphala churna powder 

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People on other medications should consult a doctor before consuming Triphals because a certain type of medicine doesn’t agree with the Triphala and cause serious side effects on the individual. Hence prior consultation is significant for dosage because all people may not have to take the same potency amount.

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