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Improve Digestion: Top 10 Natural Herbs That Can Help

Posted on 02 November 2020

Improve Digestion: Top 10 Natural Herbs That Can Help

Indians can hardly stop drooling over the sumptuous dishes floating in bowl-full oil and exotic spices. While that is delicious to think of, indigestion, heartburn, and gastrointestinal disorders that come as extra baggage can hardly be welcomed heartily.

Here we will suggest some herbs that aid in digestion to break the wall of indigestion between you and your favourite food.

What causes indigestion?

Before we discuss possible herbal solutions, let's pay heed to some prevalent causes of indigestion.

  • Contamination of bacteria in the food
  • Taking too much professional and personal stress
  • Reaction to certain medications
  • Consumption of too much spicy foods
  • Having a pre-existing ulcer

Can herbs help you overcome this ailment?

Let's now dive into some useful herbs and their scientific names, which we'll further explore in the article.


Scientific Name


Cynara Scolymus


Zingiber Official


Taraxacum Officinalis

Milk Thistle 

Silybum Marianum

Slippery Elm Bark 

Ulmus Fulva


Cinnamomum Verum


Mentha Piperita


Elettaria Cardamomum

German Chamomile

Matricaria Chamomile

Fennel Seeds

Foeniculum Vulgare

Here are the top 10 natural herbs that can aid digestive problems:

#1. Artichoke

Image Source: Unsplash

Generally known as the natural tonic for your liver, Artichoke happens to be one of the best digestive herbs to keep digestion in check. Apart from its legendary facts, Artichoke has also gathered great popularity as a medicinal herb. Moreover, the herb has excellent vital power, which stimulates the bile flow and improves liver health.

  1. Breaks down the food
  2. Stimulates kidney function
  3. Improves bile formation

#2. Ginger

As it is one of the common digestive herbs, Ginger is widely used in households almost every day. The herb has numerous unique and medical properties that can treat an upset stomach and keeps away nausea. 

  1. Impacts the blood circulation
  2. Has antiemetic properties
  3. Treats motion sickness

#3. Dandelion

Originally deriving its meaning from Lion's Tooth, Dandelion comes as one of the common digestive herbs to aid digestion problems. It goes a step ahead and helps restore the potassium, ensuring the digestive system's healthy functioning. Whether you take it as a refreshing drink or as a powder or supplement, Dandelion can help build the immunity system of the body.

  1. Promotes a healthy digestive system
  2. Helps excrete the excess fluids
  3. Purifies the blood

#4. Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle stands out to be one of the natural digestive herbs that doesn't only aid digestion problems but also helps to revive the liver in the process. For those who have a weak liver and low immune system, the particular herb strengthens the liver and develops significant protection to fight against.

  1. Treats various liver disorders
  2. Helps to release toxins
  3. Promotes bile flow 

#5. Slippery Elm Bark

Unlike other herbs to improve digestion, the Slippery Elm Bark treats digestion problems, heals the digestive tract, and soothes the gut. The particular herb comes to great use to calm the feeling of heartburn and discomfort. Those who experience irritable bowel syndrome can take the herb regularly to ease the problem.

  1. Protects stomach infections
  2. Aids relief against digestive stomach cramps
  3. Flushes the unwanted toxins

#6. Cinnamon

Image Source: Unsplash

Taking a small cinnamon dosage every day helps you take a step ahead to good digestive health. By far, it has been proven to be an herbal remedy to improve digestion that can lower the level of carbon dioxide in the appetite by detoxing. Especially if you face an upset stomach then and now, taking a spoonful of cinnamon after a heavy meal can aid the problem to a great extent.

  1. Boosts overall digestive health
  2. Benefits gut health
  3. Lowers gastric acid secretion

#7. Peppermint

Being one of the natural herbs to improve digestion, Peppermint acts no less than a digestive tonic for your body. The herb consists of antispasmodic actions, which are capable of healing the digestive colic. Often, indigestion leads to bloating and flatulence, and gastrointestinal problems can be treated with Peppermint's regular intake.

  1. Stimulates the bile flow 
  2. Relieves the symptoms of colicky diarrhoea
  3. Ensures smooth bile release

#8. Cardamom

Apart from dealing with digestive issues, Cardamom is capable of taking care of digestive health. Cardamom has cooling properties, which help to deal with inflammation and heartburn caused by acidity if you tend to vomit from gastrointestinal problems. It can relieve you much.

  1. Heal intestinal ulcers
  2. Relieves the feeling of heartburn and acidity
  3. Speeds up the process of digestion

#9. German Chamomile

Image Source: Unsplash

German Chamomile is known to be packed with anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent intestinal ulcers significantly. It is a renowned natural way to improve digestion by controlling the flow of acids in the stomach. Moreover, consuming it regularly also helps to flush out the toxins from the body, thus ensuring smooth blood circulation.

  1. Ensures good gut health
  2. Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  3. Reduces tendencies of ulcer

#10. Fennel Seeds

One of the most typically used herbs to boost digestion, fennel seeds helps to soothe inflammation and irritation in the gut. For those who tend stomach infections, constipation issues, and ulcers, having fennel seeds can relieve.

  1. Promotes the production of gastric enzymes
  2. Relaxes the intestinal muscles
  3. Eases constipation issues

How to choose the best herbs for digestion?

Though there are tremendous herbal remedies for digestive problems out there, choosing the ideal one might be a tough thing to decide. So, below we have mentioned the herbs along with the condition they heal.




Promotes Bile Formation

Fennel Seeds 

Soothes Inflammation of the Gut

German Chamomile 

Prevents Intestinal Ulcers


Deals With Inflammation


Heals Digestive Colic


Aids Nausea


Purifies Blood

Milk Thistle 

Strengthens Liver

Slippery Elm Bark  

Heals Digestive Tract


Lowers Carbon Dioxide Level


Though Indigestion isn't something new to the world, it has tormented humanity for a long time now. Yet, there haven't been any such discoveries that can be called something life-changing. However, the herbs to improve the digestive system have made quite an impact.

Now that you have already checked out the natural herbs to improve digestion, it is time for you to go ahead and implement them rightly.

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