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Weight Gain Or Weight Loss: Why Improving Digestion Is Critical?

Posted on 21 November 2020

Weight Gain Or Weight Loss: Why Improving Digestion Is Critical?

Do you have any idea that most of the world's population has no idea about, i.e. the importance of improving digestion for weight gain or loss? Yes, at times, the individuals become so much concerned with body weight and their appearance that they end up ignoring their gut. 

But hardly do they know that the real magic lies within the gut, and one must focus on improving digestive health. Once you have a great metabolism, great digestive system, and maintain a proper diet, losing or gaining weight is not a big deal! 

Why Is Improving Digestion Important? 

Whether you are losing weight or gaining it, improving digestion is what you need to focus on. If you are always suffering from digestive disorders and gastrointestinal problems, then improving digestion for better muscle performance is very important to achieve any goal. 

If you are still wondering why is it important to improve digestion, then read on below:

  • The better the gut, the better will be the digestion. 
  • Better metabolism ensures faster weight loss or gain.
  • The breakdown of food is easier, with an excellent digestive system. 
  • A great digestive system ensures rapid absorption of nutrients. 
  • A great digestive system pertains to minimal gastrointestinal problems. 

How Can Digestion Help To Gain Weight?

Though many may face the problem of losing weight to be a major one, to improve digestion for weight gain is a big thing to consider as well. Just like losing weight becomes tough when you do not have a great digestive system; similarly, gaining weight becomes a challenge. But by following some of the steps, you can gain weight easily and keep your digestion on point. 

  1. Have five to six smaller meals a day
  2. Maintain a schedule to have your meals
  3. Consume seeds and nuts to avoid nutrient deficiency
  4. Feed on healthy oils to meet nutrient requirements
  5. Consider adding greens in your big meals

Here are the foods you can have to maintain a healthy digestive system during weight gain: 

Food Items



Sources with mono-saturated fats

Image Source: Unsplash


Spikes up the calorie requirements


Rich in fibres 

Nut Butter

Packed with healthy fats and proteins, and vitamins


Builds muscle weight

Tips To Gain Weight Ensuring Better Digestion

Here are some tips to ensure that you have a great digestive system while gaining weight:

  1. Avoid drinking water before in between the meals.
  2. Try to eat at regular intervals for easy digestion.
  3. Get a diet chart ready for meeting the nutrient requirements.
  4. Get ample quality sleep to ensure better digestion. 
  5. Try to gain muscle weight by considering some exercises. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Digestion & Weight Gain

#1. How do digestive enzymes promote weight gain? 

Yes, digestive enzymes can increase the rapidity of fat absorption in the body, leading to a gain in weight. 

#2. Can poor digestion help in weight gain? 

Yes, if you have a poor digestive system, then you might end up getting gastrointestinal disorders. 

#3. How can I gain weight quickly?

You can gain weight faster by regularly following the steps suggested by us. 

#4. Does bloating cause weight gain?

No, bloating is just the period when you feel like you are gaining weight, but if you check, it is just water weight. 

How Can Digestion Help To Lose Weight?

Our gut is filled with both healthy as well as unhealthy bacteria, but the ultimate goal behind it is to overpower the unhealthy ones for ensuring digestive weight loss. Losing the stubborn weight is only possible when the healthy bacteria in your gut can boost the metabolic rate. These bacteria promote the rapid breakdown of the food and ensure faster absorption of the nutrients as well, which aces the process of digestion. To avoid any further digestive issues hampering weight loss, follow the guide below.

  1. Concentrate on a high fibre diet 
  2. Opt for the foods rich in antioxidants 
  3. Promote healthy gut bacteria with prebiotic foods
  4. Focus on a variety of plant-based proteins 
  5. Consume dark chocolates in moderate amounts

Here are the foods you can have to maintain a healthy digestive system during weight loss:

Food Items

Health Benefits

Whole Eggs

Keeps the appetite saturated for hours

Image Source: Unsplash


Meets healthy protein and fat requirements

Lean Meat

High in protein

Cottage Cheese

Consists of fewer carbohydrates

Whole Grains

Rich in soluble fibres

Tips To Lose Weight Ensuring Better Digestion

If you have been thinking, "Does poor digestion cause weight loss?" then the answer is simple "NO." Here are some tips to ensure that you have an excellent digestive system for losing weight:

  1. Do not skip the meals and eat at regular intervals.
  2. Be more active by doing any activity/ exercise.
  3. Try to eat in bowls to reduce food intake. 
  4. Eat plenty of green food/plants as well as meat proteins.
  5. Reduce the intake of the amount of refined carbohydrates in the diet. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Digestion & Weight Loss

#1. Does poor digestion cause weight loss?

Your digestion is low when the nutrients are unable to get absorbed in the intestine and results in malnutrition.

#2. Does digestion affect metabolism?

Yes, metabolism is directly related to digestion, and if you are unable to digest the food, your metabolic activity will break down as well. 

#3. What are the foods that aid belly fat loss?

Include foods that are high in fibre and rich in muscle-building properties like bananas, avocados, and yoghurt.

#4. Is it okay to have eggs every day?

Yes, it is okay to have eggs every day, but the amount must be kept in moderation. 

Improving Gut Health For Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Just like the brain is the master of your nervous system, the gut ends up being the primary source of your body's immunity. So, whether you are trying to gain weight or lose it, the procedure begins from the gut. So, as discussed above, once you start putting the right elements in your gut and keep it healthy, the rest of the path will eventually smoothen out. 

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