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What Does Bay Leaf Have To Do With Digestion?

Posted on 22 November 2020

What Does Bay Leaf Have To Do With Digestion?

Bay leaf can do wonders when it comes to digestion. The organic compounds found in the bay leaf effectively treat the upset stomach and cure bowel movement. It has many other useful uses.  

It helps cure constipation, heartburn, and so on. It can be consumed in many ways. Some of the benefits of it have been discussed below. 

How to consume bay leaf?

Consumption of bay leaves helps boost digestion. Apart from many other uses, bay leaf for digestion is one aspect. Many ways can be adopted by people to consume bay leaves. Some of them are discussed below in brief. 

  • Soup 
  • Tea
  • Boil the leaves

Uses of Bay leaves

You must have seen that leaf in almost all the Indian recipes. Whether it is a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian recipe, bay leaves find their way everywhere. Popularly known as ‘Tej Patta,’ this spice finds a place in almost all the recipes. Some of the reason for the bay leaf uses are:

  • They have a sufficient amount of vitamin A, C as well as folic acid.
  • It has healing and medicinal value.
  • It is commonly used to treat indigestion.

Bay Leaves: Other uses

Additionally, it is used to cure the following, 

      • Heart problem
      • Migraines
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      • Cold and cough
      • Anti-fungal infection

How does Bay Leaf help in indigestion?

Well, because of its healing value, bay leave’s digestive benefits are many. It facilitates indigestion and relives bowel movement. It works in the following ways,

  1. The unique enzymes present in them help indigestion.
  2. Eliminates the toxins from the system.  
  3. The vitamins present also help cure stomach ulcers. 

According to Ayurveda, your digestion is doused if you have an incessant problem like gas, acidity, etc.  Dr Vasant Lad gave an excellent solution to this. He recommended a recipe that involves preparing a bay leaf tea.  Steep half teaspoon crushed or ground bay leaf in a hot water cup for 10 minutes to make tea.

One can also add cardamom and drink after that. 

Health benefits of Bay leaf

Though it has already been discussed in brief how it helps boost your digestive system, the ingredients in bay leaves are rich sources of antioxidants. The ingredients such as A, C, B6, iron, potassium, and more have a substantial effect on the gastrointestinal system. These compounds help to improve the digestion system, as discussed above. 

When it comes to consumption, well, there is not one but two methods to prepare bay leaf tea. Both have them have been discussed below for your kind perusal. Bay leaves tea for digestion methods are:

Method 1

Method 2

  1. Take one large or two small bay leaves. 
  2. Take at least 1.5-2 litres of water in a glass. 
  3. Take one cardamom stick or half a tablespoon of cardamom. You can also go with cardamom powder. 
  4. Additionally, you can add honey or lemon as per your needs. 
  1. Boil the water 
  2. Put bay leaves and cinnamon in the water. Keep it for 5-6 minutes. 
  3. Now, switch off the flame and close the lid for about 3-4 minutes. 
  4. After that, strain the water in a glass.
  5. You can add lemon or honey as per your needs. 


This can be the healthy start of your day. Drink it empty stomach, and you can cure a lot of stomach related problems in no time. 

Additional things: Know More About Bay Leaves

Apart from the health benefits of the bay leaves, it can have side effects if not consumed in a particular way. Some of the things include:

  1. Bay leaf and bay oil is likely safe to consume for most people in the food amount. Even a ground bay leaf is possibly safe when taken in the mouth.
  2. It’s not safe to consume the cooked bay leaf. Be sure to remove it before eating the food.
  3. Taking the whole intact leaf by mouth is likely unsafe. The reason being, it cannot be digested.  
  4. It is also not advisable for people with diabetes to consume bay leaves. This is because it may fluctuate the sugar level. 
  5. There is a concern that bay leaves may shut down the central nervous system. It can make you feel sleepy or drowsy. 

Special Precaution Regarding Bay Leaf Consumption

There is no proof or evidence if the bay leaves are safe for consumption when it comes to pregnant or breastfeeding women. Hence, it is advisable not to consume it. There is no harm to stay on the safe side.

FAQs on Bay Leaf Consumption

Image Source: Unsplash

  • How to consume bay leaves?
  • It has already been discussed in brief for your kind perusal. It can be consumed in any form. For instance, you can prepare a stew or a tea, and so on. 

    The procedure and methods have been explained in detail. Follow the steps to prepare your bay leaf tea. 

  • Is it safe to consume bay leaves?
  • Yes, it is entirely safe to consume the bay leaves. However, it should be consumed in a particular manner. Remember to keep all the pros and cons before you move ahead with it. In case you have any serious health problems, then it is recommended to consult your health specialist. 

    Also, it is not recommended for pregnant women, people with diabetes, etc. not to consume the cooked bay leaves as it can have a cataclysmic effect on your health. 

  • How much time does it take to improve the digestive system post-consumption?
  • It does not take much time, and within a month, you will start noticing changes in your daily routine. Your bowel movement will improve in no time. Give it a week to see the changes for yourself, and then continue further with it.

    Besides that, keep all the pros and cons in mind and consume only in the given fashion or as per the recommendations of your health specialist or dietician’s recommendation. 

    Bay Leaves: Pros & Cons

    The benefits have been discussed briefly, and its uses have been dealt with in detail. It holds many health benefits. Apart from helping with indigestion, it also helps cure other health-related problems. Though its health benefits do not mean it has no side effects. But fairly, if it is used taking all the precautions, then you will see the benefits. 

    Consider all the pros and cons of its consumption and then move on with it. In case of any health-related problem, you face post-consumption, consult a health specialist.

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