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Aavaram Poo: Benefits, Uses And How To Use

Posted on 28 November 2020

Aavaram Poo: Benefits, Uses And How To Use

In the past, there were hardly those antibiotics to heal the diseases, and thus herbs played a significant role in their everyday lives. One such was the Aavaram Senna flower, which was a renowned cure for a variety of diseases. Be it the Vedic times or the modern era, the Aavaram Poo benefits are quite prevalent today.

Importance of Aavarampoo

The benefits of Aavarampoo came into existence back in the Vedic age when the only cure for ailments were natural herbs. India, due to its tropical location, has always been a country with soaring summer temperatures. The extreme summer temperatures resulted in several downfalls of health, namely fever, high blood pressure, sunstrokes, urinary tract disorders, and many such. To find a solution to these extensive ailments, the uses of Aavarampoo were introduced. 

Apart from bringing down the body temperatures and keeping it cool amidst the heat, the Cassia Auriculata uses spreads to cater to the mass's self-care needs. From treating body odours, to make your skin glow and maintain diabetes, Cassia Auriculata benefits all. 

Aavarampoo Plant Names

Here we have some of the names of the Aavarampoo Plant. 



Botanical Name - Family 

Senna Auriculata / Cassia Auriculata

Fabaceae and Genus Senna












Tangedu Puvvu


Tanner’s Cassia / Tanner’s Senna / Avaram Senna

Benefits of Aavarampoo

The Aavaram Senna benefits range to a vast extent and cater to almost every need of the individuals, be it medical or personal. 

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Treats Diabetes - Consumption of Aavaram Senna flowers as a drink
  2. Protects against Infections - Drinking fresh flower extracts 
  3. Eases Urinary Tract - Prevention the growth of bacteria
  4. Smoothens Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Having the tea-soaked with flour. 
  5. Good for skin - Application of dried Aavarampoo flowers 
  6. Treatment of Ulcers - Eating boiled Aavarampoo leaves soup.
  7. Promotes digestion - Consuming leaf dust with lukewarm water (empty stomach)

Traditional Uses of Aavarampoo

The Aavaram Poo uses are not hidden only in its flowers and leaves, but the whole plant structure is of great use if you know its usages. They are:

Part of the Flower


Aavarampoo Flowers

1. Maintains diabetes level

2. Treats skin problems 

3. Eases urinary issues

Bark of Aavarampoo

1. Treats skin diseases like itching

2. Reduces inflammation

3. Protects against sun rashes

Leaf of Aavarampoo

1. Cleanses the hair

2. Heals scars and wounds

3. Treats dandruff issues

Seeds of Aavarampoo

1. Nourishes the hair as the oil

2. Treats premature greying of hair

3. Reduces skin allergies

Roots of Aavarampoo

1. Treats recurrent skin problems

2. Heals the deep scars

3. Protects the kidneys

Medicinal Properties of Aavarampoo

The health benefits of Cassia Auriculata encompasses a lot of variety. If you can avail of them daily, then nothing can come in your way of achieving a healthy body

#1. Consists of Anti-Microbial Properties

The leaves of the Aavarampoo plants are known to possess excellent anti-microbial properties. These leaves are packed naturally with methanol extracts. The plant has an ample amount of phenolic and flavonoids present in it and capable enough to restrict bacterial growth in your body. It can also be on the outer part of the skin for the same reason to prevent rashes and allergies. 

#2. Comes with anti-inflammatory effects

Besides empowering the body with anti-microbial properties, it also comes with significant anti-inflammatory effects. Such a property is of great use to treat wounds and rashes. If you get them quite often, you can use a bodypack made of the authentic leaf extracts. 

#3. Brings down the sugar level

Traditionally, the Aavarampoo flowers were widely used to aid diabetes conditions, and till today, nothing much has changed. You can drink the flower extracts mixed with tea without adding sugar, and you'll see similar benefits after regular and continuous use for some time. 

#4. Has antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are good for health, no matter what ailment you have or not. Even if you are completely fit and fine, the consumption of antioxidants might ensure a healthy lifestyle. When consumed as dust with lukewarm water every day, the dried flowers can prevent the free radicals, altering ageing. 

#5. Aids against cancer

The most popular health benefits of Aavarampoo is that it has properties that can aid the growth of cancer-causing germs. If you can consume the plant's empty stomach's flower extracts, you may see long-term benefits. 

Side Effects of Aavarampoo

Image Source: Pexels

Though the Aavaram Senna flower's health benefits extend to a greater circle, it comes with specific side effects that you must be aware of. They are: 


  • In pregnant women, taking it daily might result in dizziness, nausea, and occasional cramps.
  • Aged or elderly individuals might experience diarrhoea and Hypokalemia, deficiency of potassium in the body. 
  • Using it on the outer part of the skin might lead to pigmentation and slight itching.


Though we have come a long way from the Vedic culture and methods, the wide range of 

Aavarampoo health benefits have not been affected slightly. Thus, to date, the herb is widely used to aid medical and personal conditions. However, you can take them into the application after doing thorough research regarding the herb by reading our guide. 

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