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Adulsa Or Malabar Nut: Herbal Remedy For Dry Cough And Cold

Posted on 20 November 2020

Adulsa Or Malabar Nut: Herbal Remedy For Dry Cough And Cold

What is a Malabar nut?

Malabar nuts are called a plant, and people use the leaf to make medicines. Malabar nuts are used for many things, especially to treat chest congestion and treat spasms. It can be said as an immune booster as it helps with many immediate issues with the body. Primarily, the Malabar nut is used for its antispasmodic and blood purifying qualities that enter your system and allow you to get rid of all the impurities present in your blood. It is applicable for those who drink or smoke a lot so that the nut's actions can enter the lungs and help the body fight deficiencies. Helping yourself to warm teas also help with cold and cough.

Malabar Nut Uses:

#1. It used for the healing power that it poses:

One of the best Uses of Malabar nuts is for its healing power. It helps to enter the system and can help you to have a proper streamline of options accordingly. The leaves and the nut roots can help treat all diseases, especially if you have piled up acidity and dirt from eating all junk foods straight into your liver. 

#2. Treats asthma

One of the main benefits of Malabar nuts is to treat asthma in patients. The nut's healing properties treat the lungs and keep it steer away from all the impurities present. Malabar Nut benefits are to help all the patients get healthy from the acute stages of asthma attacks. The nut's healing properties can work straight and attack the virus, causing a deficiency in the immune system. Malabar Nut properties are sticky, causing a calming sensation when applied as a paste on a person's chest. It is perfect if someone intakes for every once in two days. 

#3. It treats tuberculosis as well.

One of the main Properties of Malabar Nut is to treat tuberculosis. The bacteria of tuberculosis can be pretty harmful and can cause a lot of damage to our system. This is when Malabar nuts can come to help. It is known as the Malabar Nut immunity Booster as it contains gulkand. It is a type of ailment that can treat and react with tuberculosis and help your body get rid of it naturally. 

#4. Diseases and worms

Upon checking, we can find a lot of intestinal worms that are present inside our system. Malabar Nut tea leaf helps our body fight the worm to stay healthy and active for the rest of our life. A poultice of the plate is applied over the area of your skin, which needs immediate attention. If you want smooth and glowing skin at any cost, you need to have a proper skincare routine to manage it every day. Malabar nuts are a perfect way to get onto the same and help your face to shine properly. 

#5. Treats your spams

One of the main reasons why people are given Malabar nuts is because it helps with your spasms. The muscle cramps and other controls and congestion can happen for a lot of neurological issues. Malabar nuts produce antitoxins to your system, which can help you to calm down. There are many herbal teas to help have a cleanse of the entire system.

#6. Treats tooth plaque

We all understand that tooth plaques are harmful, and they can cause a lot of damage to your gums. This is why having Malabar nuts a day can help you fight off the bacteria present and make sure that you have properly kept and shiny teeth. Malabar nut leaves are entirely herbal, and applying them as a paste to your tooth will help you with pain and other related issues. 

#7. Upper air infection

Upper air infections are caused by a lot of factors and especially if you have tonsil. Malabar nut helps to calm down your body temperature and presents the tonsils from falling. Since it is entirely herbal, there are no side effects that are associated with the same. These are Siberian nuts, and they are presented each day to improve your condition. 

How can Malabar nuts be used as home remedies?

One of the main Malabar Nut tea leaf benefits is to treat it as a home remedy. Here are some ways through which it can be used. 

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It can be used to treat your cough. Malabar Nut tea leaf properties contain healing agents that can enter your system and help you fight off the virus or any foreign particle joined. It keeps your immunity right on lock and allows you to be altogether more substantial so that you can have a robust system. 


Take some adathodai leaves and some pepper to treat your morning blues. One of the best ways to use these is that it can help with your stomach issues. As Malabar Nut tea leaves for cough & cold and in the same way, it can help you treat your nausea. 


You can use adalodakam leaf benefits in chronic wheeze and mix it with a warm cup of water. Boil some Adalodakam leaves into a single pot and simmer it down. Make sure that you bring the temperature to a bit down to cool it down quickly. Pour it into the coup and have it for the day. 


You can even have Malabar nuts mixed with Basak pata for coughing. It helps treat your asthma and allows you to have a good and clear throat if you are wheezing too much. 


Adhatoda powder benefits and other forms of nuts that are entirely herbal can help you boost your immunity, and at the same time, it can help you stay active. If you are probably worried about your cough for a long time and need a proven solution, then these are the best ways to go about it. 

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