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Lemongrass Tea Recipe & Health Benefits

Posted on 10 November 2020

Lemongrass Tea Recipe & Health Benefits

In this article, we will help you to know the Lemongrass tea recipe. Lemongrass has been the perfect ingredient for fighting off any bodily issues or even if you are trying to lose weight. Detox is extremely good for your health. While we are being brought onto the store-bought items, we do not give a proper diet to our system to pull out all the negative things. Lemongrass tea is one such ailment for you, which can help you work on your detox and start your day ever as refreshing.

Before you start making the Lemongrass tea recipe, you need to find proper ways to start. So with the help of this article, we will help you prepare a brewing hot cup of Lemongrass tea first thing in the morning so that you can go about and have a nice day.

How to make lemongrass tea?

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1. Jaggery

To make the Lemongrass tea, you need to combine some Lemongrass, jaggery, and some mint leaves into one place.

2.Fresh Mint leaves

Ensure that the Lemongrass you have bought from the store is entirely fresh, and you have washed it properly before using the same.

3.Fresh Lemongrass

Take a pan and then boil water in it. Ensure that you put in all the mixture inside the pan and let it simmer for about 5 minutes straight. It is vital to simmer the whole mixture in the pan before you strain out the Tea to help you make a hot cup.

Remove the flame and then add the mixture into your cup. If you want to add some jaggery in it, then you can put the mix; otherwise, you can let it be. Depending on the type you want, you can have your lemongrass tea. Strain it and then drink the combination to start your day accordingly.

Benefits of lemongrass tea/lemongrass tea for weight loss

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One of the main benefits of using lemongrass tea is to help with your weight loss. If you have been suffering from weight issues for quite some time, you know the struggle to lose weight quickly. It is when you can try out for the perfect combination of lemongrass tea. It helps you manage your weight quickly and, at the same time, make sure that you have a healthy heart and mind to get on.

#1. It contains proper antioxidants properties

Lemongrass tea properties are to help you fight off the virus in your system. This is why this is called such a natural detoxifier. It allows you to remove all the lurking viruses from your system so that your WBC can fight off better. While inducing the presence of Lemongrass into your diet every day, you can have a more relaxed and calmer mindset as well as an excellent digestive system so that it can ultimately work out for you and help you accordingly.

#2. It contains antibacterial agents

If you are fighting off a fever or any other complications, Lemongrass tea helps you produce agents that can supplement the role. It contains proper bacterias that go directly inside your system so that you can have the right balance. If you are battling through fever, it now combines with the bacterial agents present inside you. It even helps you fight off all the oral implications and according to doctors, having it every day can help you heal your wounds faster helping you maintain your mental health as well.

#3. It reduces your cancer risk

Lemongrass tea advantages are to help fight off cancer cells that might happen to enter your system. The citrals present in Lemongrass are excellent warriors, and it helps to fight off the cancer cells and its causes. It even allows the cancer cell lines and heals them properly before anything grave takes place.

#4. It reduces all your blood pressure.

One of the main health benefits of lemongrass tea is fighting off your high blood pressure. According to scientists and doctors, Lemongrass contains healing properties that can directly enter your system and help you to entice your blood pressure levels. If you have a fluctuating pressure level, then having it daily can always help you accordingly.

#5. It controls your cholesterol

One of the main benefits of lemongrass is that it helps and manages your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol inside our system can cause a lot of side and negative effects if left untreated. This is why it is important to include lemongrass to your diet which can reduce the side effects and keep you active. 

#6. Controls your dandruff

Funniest thing about having lemongrass is that it controls your dandruff and keeps the roots of your hair shiny. It is extremely good for a rich scalp and can help you to promote the growth of better hair which is sturdier. 

#7. Treats cramps better

Lemongrass is good to treat stomach and intestinal cramps. Cramps are something that happens if you intake something or there are gastrointestinal issues which can cause a lot of side effects to your system. If you have one lemongrass for the day, it can treat all your stomach issues in a jiff. 

#8. Treats your nausea

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Last but not the least, lemongrass is extremely useful to treat your nausea and helps you to keep yourself perfectly alright. If you are going away to a hiking trip then having lemongrass is good enough to dissipate the feeling. 


These are the essential Lemongrass tea health benefits that you need to know. Having a cup of lemongrass tea every day can help you to stay fit and active as well. It allows you to fight off the cancer cells, produce a better circulation of blood so that if any foreign particle enters your body, you can fight it off well. It prepares your body for the fight response and keeps you completely strong and your WBC engaged.

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