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Senna Leaves: Plant Uses In Herbal Remedies

Posted on 02 November 2020

Senna Leaves: Plant Uses In Herbal Remedies

Senna is a herbal plant grown in tropical regions and has various medicinal properties in the leaves and fruits. Around fifty known Senna species are cultivated across the world. They are mostly used as ornamental plants in landscaping and gardening. Senna fruits and leaves are potent laxatives, making them useful in preparing remedies to various physical discomforts. Chemicals named sennosides are present in them. This article will cover the benefits of senna leaves, and senna leaves tea as homemade remedies. We will also teach you how to make senna tea and why you should take senna at night.

Four Conditions with Senna Leaves as Herbal Remedies

#1. Constipation

Sennosides are extracted from Senna and are administered by mouth to a patient suffering from constipation. Sometimes, it is combined with sorbitol or lactulose and has been proven to relieve constipation with excellent results. This herb is an FDA approved drug and is useful for children above two years and adults. Senna is an excellent laxative to relax the bowel movements and better effect when consumed with docusate sodium or psyllium

#2. Obesity

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A study conducted by the University of Limpopo in South Africa on the acetone extract of Senna with GLUT4 has shown remarkable results in reducing obesity. Senna has a PI3K-dependent pathway that stimulates glucose uptake through it. The acetone extract from senna helps in weight loss by playing a role as a therapeutic agent. Senna tea catalyzes weight loss by down regulating adipokines associated with obesity. It also has compounds that possess antiglycation capabilities and help in losing weight faster. The benefits of senna leaves for weight loss are many and have been verified in labs to decrease glucose levels, serum insulin, and leptin levels. This lowers the cholesterol level and helps obese people stay healthy.

#3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

One of the Senna leaves’ uses are the laxative properties, which works as an effective bowel stimulant. It stimulates the colon’s myenteric plexus to induce muscular peristaltic contractions. Senna also decreases water absorption inside the colon, which provides instant relief from irritable bowel syndrome. If a patient is suffering from IBS, you can use senna leaves remedies that are very effective.

#4. Haemorrhoids

Senna leaves benefits also extend to treating hemorrhoids, also known as piles. With their laxative effects and ability to decrease water absorption by the rectum walls, Senna leaves and fruits help reduce the swelling of rectal walls. Senna leaves tea helps in relieving discomfort and soothes the inflamed veins in the anus and rectum. It also works as a stool softener.

Ways To Consume Senna

#1. Prepare Senna tea directly at home

Are you wondering how to use senna leaves? Take one or two grams of dried senna leaves and crush it. Boil it in water for ten minutes and add a dollop of honey or some other sweetener.

You can also directly add dried leaves, but make sure that the water boils for at least ten minutes.

#2. Use Senna tea bags anywhere, anytime

Invariably, you might wonder where to buy Senna tea bags. Counterfeit products are being circulated in the market due to the popularity of senna. If you want to consume Senna tea, you will get premium quality tea bags on Teatox at affordable rates. The fresh smell of Senna tea is bound to make your heart skip a beat. You can also order senna leaves’ powder and mix it in boiling water with sugar or honey before consumption. The Senna tea bags and powder from Teatox come with clear instructions on the package. Just follow those instructions to prepare this intoxicating tea. Do not drink more than two cups of tea per day to avoid potential complications.

The Best Time To Drink Senna Leaves Tea

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The best time is at night. Why take senna at night? Senna takes 6-12 hours to stimulate the colon and rectum and will cause a bowel movement. So, if you drink it before sleep, you will be able to pass stools in the morning without any discomfort.

Bottom Line

Senna tea is a warm herbal infusion that can relax you on a stressful day. If you are facing discomfort in passing the stools or losing weight, drink a cup of senna leaf tea every day. It is often described as having a mildly sweet flavour with a slightly bitter taste. Although it is not incredibly aromatic on its own, you can add Elaichi to it to add a dash of aroma to your night tea.

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