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Tulsi Ginger Green Tea – A Natural Cold And Cough Relief Brew

Posted on 31 October 2020

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea – A Natural Cold And Cough Relief Brew

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea benefits are apparent. If you are suffering from a cold or you have a recuperating headache, then you can have a cup for the day. Does the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of tulsi tea charge you for the day? It is an excellent natural ailment that can help you to get a temporary solution for your aching throat and especially if you are wheezing and suffering from a bad cold throughout the day. Being the most popular kind, here is how it can help you to stay healthy.

Benefits of Tulsi Ginger Green Tea:

#1. It helps to keep your stress level at bay

If you are suffering from a lot of stress, then Uses of Tulsi Ginger Green Tea can help you to keep it at par. Green tea mixed with the essential herbs of tulsi is good enough for your throat and allows you to have a proper relief from your cold and wheezes. Tulsi Ginger Green Tea helps you keep your stress at bay because it enables you to keep your mind adequate relief. In today’s era, every one of us is suffering from problems that are related to stress. Apart from the 9-5 jobs, the good news is that you can have a cup of tulsi tea for the day to help you clear your head and keep you away from overthinking.

#2. It cures your kidney stone as well

One of the best Properties of Tulsi Ginger Green Tea is to help with the removal of your kidney stone. Tulsi ginger tea has a lot of positive things, and it helps your stomach acid be diluted so that you can fight off the gastrointestinal issues. A lot of problems cause your kidney stone. If you have a damaged liver, then kidney stones can form inside it and disrupt your day to day life. It detoxifies your body completely. It helps you to manage and control the uric acid level you have. Uric acid, when it increases in your system, can cause kidney stones.

#3. Cures all your skin related issues

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea properties are to help fight off your acne and blemishes, as well as various spots that appear on your skin. Your skin is the most exposed organ of your body. Since it is exposed to everyday pollution, chances of you breaking out can always be higher. Having tulsi ginger tea for the day can help you fight off your hormonal breakouts, and at the same time, it allows you to manage all your spots. If you want a radiant and glowing looking skin, having the tulsi ginger tea can help you in the long run. Tulsi Ginger Green Tea for weight loss manages all your skin issues, as well as weight issues too.

#4. It helps you to cure your arthritis

The Health Benefits of Tulsi Ginger Green Tea can be extensive and broadened to the long term. Tulsi Ginger Green Tea for dry cough, and it helps you treat your arthritis as well. It is degenerative wear and tear of the muscle, which can cause a lot of joint pain. So having a cup of tulsi ginger tea as the first thing for the day can help you to fight off your pain as well. It can be a severe problem for you and can lead to a lot of issues later on. Thus treating it properly and helping yourself find the best solution can work out for you.

#5. It cures your weight issues

Image Source: Unsplash

One of the main benefits of using tulsi to your diet is to control your weight. Tulsi is the perfect ailment for you if you are looking to control your weight and keep it optimal. It contains antioxidants which work in your blood and reduces the fat count to a certain percentage. It is perfect for you if you are looking forward to reducing weight or you are planning to cut down from the carbs in your diet.

#6. It helps you to have a happy day

Image Source: Unsplash

One of the main benefits of having tulsi tea is that you can stay calm and happy for the rest of the day.  We all understand that stress is a gradual part of our lives and we succumb to it. This is why, when it comes to facing the wrath of stress, we often tend to wake up with a bad mood. While having one cult of tulsi tea for a day, it can help you to alleviate your mood and keep you bright and chirpy for the rest of the day. It keeps your system calm and on the other hand, it helps you to stay motivated and positive. 

How to brew a cup of tulsi tea?

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea for cough & cold can be brewed right at your home. Here is how you can do it.



1. Tulsi leaves

2. Ginger

3. Hot water


  • Take a bowl and then add some tulsi and ginger to it. Tulsi Ginger Green Tea health benefits help you out with the extensive cough, wheezes, and even others. So if you have it for the day, it will surely help you.
  • Take a bowl and then pour water in it. Simmer down the water to medium temperature, and then you can add the ingredients into the bowl.
  • Simmer everything down and then stir it gently. You can add some sugar to the tea for the taste to help you have a proper cup for the day. Especially if you have a sweet tooth, then adding sugar here is a plus.


These are the main benefits of drinking ginger and tulsi tea. It helps you have an active system, and on the other hand, it wards off all the viruses that can potentially harm you. With the procedure of producing active protection in your system, tulsi is a beautiful herbal tonic to have.

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