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Chamomile Flower Tea: Uses, Benefits, Side Effect and Where To Buy

The tiny daisy-shaped chamomile has many more benefits than the sweet apple-like fragrance that it leaves. This flower as a medicinal herb dates back to Egyptā€™s ancient years, where it was believed to be consumed. For those who do not know much about this flower, the extra piece of information essential in departing is about the various types of Chamomile. There are types cultivated in Egypt, Eastern Europe, and Germany. The reason behind the grand cultivation of this flower is the amplified benefits of Chamomile Flower tea.Ā 

Uses and Benefits of Chamomile tea

  • Chamomile Tea helps with Insomnia

Since the tea is purely made from flower extracts, it has no caffeine! The consummation of coffee and tea keeps you awake for those extra hours when your body begs for sleep. The pain-relieving properties in the Chamomile flower help keep your nervous system healthy and promote the utmost relaxation that your system needs. The properties of theĀ tea help in reducing anxiety and helps in coping with stress. With this, a conducted study informs that the amazing incense of Chamomiles has allowed older women to takeĀ Chamomile aromatherapy to healĀ from anxiety and distress. With all these factors working in, the chamomile tea will help you sleep peacefully.Ā 

  • Aids in losing your extra pounds

Image Source: Pexels

It has been proved thatĀ Chamomile tea promotes weight loss. This beverage can be a part of your daily routine if you plan to follow a healthy one. Since the properties of Chamomile are meant to induce quicker digestion, the process of breaking down food is accelerated and eased. It can also be used as a detoxifier, as the body gets rid of the excess water and helps to cure bloating. This can be a better, easier, and healthier way to shrug off those extra kilos you carry around.Ā 

  • Chamomile tea benefits the skin too!

It may come as a surprise, but Chamomile tea has many medicinal uses.Ā Skin conditions like acne and pimples show improvements when treated with chamomile tea. Applying the tea to the affected area can erase skin marks and itchiness. Apart from this, the tea will help you get rid of your dark circles. Skin conditions like eczema, wrinkles are treated with chamomile extracts, which also induce a natural glow and a skin bleach.Ā 

  • Health benefits of Chamomile tea

The flavonoids in the Chamomile flowers are the prominent components that fill the tea with so many medicinal properties.Ā According to MedicalNewsToday, it promotes health benefits, like treating people with sugar and diabetes. The relaxation properties that the tea imparts helps people in controlling blood pressure. By keeping the sugar level-balance intact, the repercussions of future diabetic problems are reduced. According toĀ scientific studies, women during their menstrual cycles can consume chamomile tea to reduce pain and distress.Ā 

  • Get some healthier hair with chamomile tea!

Well, here the magic is naturally the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile flowers! Hair conditions like hair loss and dandruff need moisture and essential nutrients to heal. With all medicinal and healthy components already filled in the Chamomile tea, yourĀ hairĀ is promised with a lustrous and shiny look!

  • Protects against the risk of Cancer

Here, the antioxidantĀ apigeninĀ found in chamomiles plays a vital role in fighting cancer cells. It is likely to reduce inflammations, which become a significant cause of many types of cancers. Also, gargling some chamomile water can cure sore mouths and nausea, which are generally the results of cancer treatments.Ā 

  • Treats Osteoporosis

According to various studies conducted, Chamomile tea has been proved to be efficient inĀ treating bone diseases like Osteoporosis. The components in flower help the body build strong bones and cure the injured ones.Ā 



Health risks and side effects of Chamomile tea

Despite being of profound use in curing many health issues, Chamomile tea is not safe for everybody. There are many health risks that one needs to be careful about before adding chamomile to the diet.

  • The application of Chamomile extracts can lead to irritation and rashes on the skin. In case of severe skin irritation, you might feel the need to rush to the doctor.Ā 
  • Apart from the typical allergic reactions, shortness of breath and swelling of the face and lips are some side effects of Chamomile tea.Ā 
  • Consuming tea in large amounts may cause nausea and vomiting.
  • One may contact severe eye irritations in elevated skin reactions if the extract is applied very near to the eyes.Ā 

Info: – If you are medically advised to consume chamomile, make sure you consume the prescribed amount only!Ā  Even though the flower is not mixed with any other drugs, the chances of over-dosage may lead to harmful consequences. If any of the aboveĀ allergic reactions appear, seek medical help immediately!Ā 

During pregnancy, the mothers should first consult their doctors before the consumption of Chamomile tea.

Recipe of Chamomile tea

Image Source: Pexels

Ingredients needed:

Ā Dried chamomile flowers, Hot water, Honey/Sugar, Mint leaves


  1. Take some hot water in a tea kettle, and add dried chamomile flowers to it. Let the mixture rest for 4-5 minutes as the flowers need to infuse with the water. This becomes an important procedure where one cannot hurry and needs to let the mixture rest with patience.
  2. Following, strain the water from the dried chamomile.Ā 
  3. Add some honey or sugar with mint leaves on the top for added flavour! (Optional)
  4. There you go! Your chamomile tea is ready to be served and relished!



Where to buy Chamomile tea?

If you are here and you care enough to live a healthy life with the utmost gratitude, you need to get organic tea in your diet! The inducement of energy and nourishment that the Chamomile tea provides will give your tired body and mind some fresh air to breathe. We, atĀ Teatox LifeĀ with our motto, ā€œits herbal wellness simplifiedā€, deliver the best essential chamomile tea with added flavours and rejuvenate you with the most natural ingredients. The packet comes with readymade and ready to useĀ Chamomile tea bagsĀ to head start your routine.

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