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  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health
  • Herbal tea for women's health

Herbal tea for women's health

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Women Health Tea

Herbal Tea has reputation of being healthy.

The beverage is full of anti-oxidants and other nutrients to help you stay healthy. Teatox Life has taken tea drinking and its health benefits to the next level. The company has developed a tea made especially for women and their health issues.

By combining all natural ayurvedic herbs in a unique blend, Teatox Life has provided women with a healthy tea drink. Not only does it contribute to the anti-cancer fight, it will help women through their monthly cycle.


What's in the Fertility Tea? 

The ingredients matter if you want a healthier lifestyle. In women’s health tea there are three important ingredients designed to help women live healthier.

Ajwin is an herb that is known to help digestion. Yet its health benefits do not stop there. It can help reduce kidney stones and cleanse the bladder.

Tulsi is popular because of its flavor enhancing prowess. But it also has great medicinal properties. This herb will help reduce stress, blood pressure as well as contribute to hormone balance. Plus, it will help balance the glucose levels in your blood.

Mulethi contributes to the exterior health of a woman. Its more common name is licorice and it works on acne, eczema, skin rashes. It will also help fight melasma, a darkening of the skin during pregnancy.

These all-natural herbs work together with the tea leaves’ natural ingredients to provide a health weapon for women.

      Healthy Diet is vital

      While tea contributes to a woman’s overall health, it is not a miracle drink. You still need to eat right to stay healthy. Here are some foods to eat to help your healthy lifestyle. Plus, a list of foods to avoid so you maintain your health.

      Foods to eat:

      • Vegetables- for example, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes
      • Fresh meat- hamburger, chicken, turkey,
      • Fresh fruits- Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, grapefruits
      • Nuts- peanuts, walnuts, almonds and other varieties
      • Eggs & dairy products- that is well-cooked, non-runny eggs & yogurt

      Foods to avoid:

      • Unpasteurized milk
      • Dairy products made from unpasteurized milk
      • Undercooked eggs
      • Undercooked beef and other meats
      • Raw oysters
      • Alfalfa sprouts

      Healthy eating habits

      Here are some suggestions to get you on with having proper eating habits:

      1. Don’t skip meals- skipping meals robs your body of needed nutrients
      2. Eat healthy meals- eliminate the sugary, fatty foods and choose yogurt, berries, spinach and more
      3. Eat healthy snacks- again forget the donuts and other pastries and choose healthy options
      4. Drink more water, tea, fresh fruit juices

      A Women’s Health

      Largely depends on what you put into your body. A great way to stay healthy is to add the women’s health tea to your diet. It brings added nutrients and other medicinal properties that protect a woman’s health.

      Women’s health issues are a little different from men’s and they need extra support. This tea is specifically designed for women and her needs. The woman’s health tea provides that extra support and care that a woman needs in her daily life.

      How to make our herbal fertility tea?

      - Bring 6oz to 8oz of water to boil *212 Degree Farenheit

      - Add 1 tea bag to a cup of hot water

      - Steep tea blend for 4-8 minutes depending on intensity sought

      - Add lemon and honey for taste if needed

      - Enjoy a lovely healthy brew!

      - Drink thrice daily to help ease menstrual cramps and provide relief


      Facts about PCoS and Fertility in women

      What is PCOS

      With its effect mostly seen on 5-10% of women who are of productive age, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a very common disorder which most women on the search for answers to their infertility issues first come across. A number of factors are thought to be linked to the cause of PCOS such as genetic traits in families, and several environmental factors such as one’s daily diet. 


      Symptoms of PCOS in Women

      Women with PCOS generally have three characteristic symptoms, and are properly diagnosed with the syndrome if they exhibit at least two of those three symptoms which are:

      1)    Irregular periods.

      2)    Excess androgens which are either discovered in the blood or found through other symptoms such as acne or excess hair growth.

      3)    Polycystic ovaries which are seen on ultrasound.


      Women with PCOS usually experience irregular periods. This sees them skip months of getting periods, and may end up having less than 7 periods annually. Infertility issues are also associated with irregular menses, and women with PCOS normally experience very increased rates of miscarriage whenever they get pregnant.


      Acne or oily skin is another common symptom of PCOS. It is mainly a condition that occurs due to the relatively higher levels of testosterone circulating in the bloodstream, and they might surface over the chest or over the back and chest. These higher levels of circulating testosterone can also cause facial hair on the chin or upper lip or excess hair growth on the hair and abdomen. Due to hormone imbalances seen in PCOS cases, a type of hair thinning which occurs at the front of the scalp may also appear.


      Polycystic ovaries are another very common feature of PCOS cases and can be seen on a trans-vaginal ultrasound. The fact that ovaries are a constituent of ovarian follicles that each contains an egg rather than cysts makes this a very unusual condition. Therefore the ovaries of women with PCOS may contain many small follicles that would not go on to properly ovulate an egg each month. Because the ovaries do not grow to properly ovulate an egg each month, women with PCOS may also experience difficulty getting pregnant.


      These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or other competent authority. Please consult your doctor prior to use. All herbal products require long term use for sustained effectiveness.

      Herbal tea for women's health

      Rs. 249.00 Rs. 499.00


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