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  • Goodnight Sleep Tea
  • Goodnight Sleep Tea
  • Goodnight Sleep Tea
  • Goodnight Sleep Tea
  • Goodnight Sleep Tea
  • Goodnight Sleep Tea
  • Goodnight Sleep Tea
  • Goodnight Sleep Tea

Goodnight Sleep Tea

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 Sleep Tea for soothing relaxed sleep


Tea can be very soothing. The makers of Teatox Life tea know this. They have created a wonderful blend of tea that helps you get some rest. It is not always easy to take 15 minutes before bedtime to have a cup f tea. But it may be worth it if you try.

Their good night tea works to relieve stress ad anxiety. As well as target insomnia with its sedative-like ingredient. Also, its anti-inflammatory benefits help cut down on those aches and pains which hinder sleep.

If you can make time for a cup of Good Night Tea, then your ability to sleep just got better.


Our stress relief good night sleep tea includes 

To make Good Night Tea, the people at Teatox Life combined 6 ayurvedic herbs with green tea. Green tea and its disease fighting properties form the foundation for this great tea. Here are some of the other ingredients:

  1. Cumin Seed- a member of the parsley family. Its duties target insomnia and also bring you iron, magnesium and manganese.
  2. Shatavari- or Indian asparagus, builds up the ojas fluid. This fluid governs sleep, virility, calms nerves and more.
  3. Tagar- a leafy herb that is the sedative-like ingredient. It works on insomnia, arthritis, anxiety and more.
  4. Shankhapushipi- A tough word to say but it is tough on anxiety, calming the nerves, stress without hurting mental clarity.
  5. Bala- grows like a weed but it makes a powerful health contribution. This herb strengthens the body as it relaxes it.
  6. Centella- this herb energizes the brain while also relaxing the body. It also targets insomnia and helps provide a good night’s rest.

Good Night Tea is all-natural with no harmful chemicals added to the mix. You can be sure you are not harming your body when you drink this tea prior to going to bed.


Diet and stress play a role too

As always, what you eat plays a role in your daily normal activities, including going to sleep. In today's stress filled world, we neither find the time to eat right nor be stress free. Here are some foods that will work with your body and help it get the rest you need:

  • Kiwi- eating this fruit 2 hours prior to bed time should help you rest well. It contains vitamins C and E, plus serotonin and folate.
  • Soy made foods- Just 2 servings a day will do it. These foods are high in isoflavones which help the brain produce serotonin. Serotonin works on your sleeping cycle.
  • Tart Cherry juice- 2 glasses a day will help you sleep better at night.
  • Kale- a calcium heavy food. A lack of calcium contributes to your loss of sleep at night

Eating the right foods will help you rest better when you go to bed. But after a hard, frustrating day it is also a good idea to drink a little Good Night Tea. Not only will this tea help calm your nerves and make you relax.

It will bring 5 ayurvedic herbs that help fight insomnia and other sleep related problems. Try a nice cup of tea about an hour before going to bed and see the difference.


    How to make Good Night Sleep tea


    - Bring 6oz-8oz of water to boil (212 degree farenheit)

    - Add 1 teabag of to a cup of hot water

    - Steep tea blend for 4-8 minutes depending on flavor sought

    - Add lemon and honey to enjoy the tea

    *Be sure not to boil herbs or it may turn it into a bitter tea

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    Goodnight Sleep Tea

    Rs. 249.00 Rs. 499.00


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