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Stress Relief & Sleep

De-stress effectively with your favorite beverage served piping hot!

Running a 9 to 5, escalating job pressures and looking after the needs of a family can be stressful we agree. Release your soul and senses from the clockwork schedule and meet a relaxed and more productive version of yourself with just a little help from Teatox Life India. With a plethora of herbal teas, made with a unique blend of organic or natural ingredients, you can sip away your way to a healthier, stress free life, and lesser anxiety episodes. Presenting the best tea for anxiety management, “Stress & Anxiety Relief Tea Blend”, a perfect herbal amalgamation of ingredients such as turmeric, black pepper, passion flower, lavender, etc. Anxiety remedies just got a whole lot natural and manageable with unique blends from Teatox Life India. One may also consider making a gift of Goodnight Sleep Tea to the insomniac colleague or friend. Because inadequate sleep leads to a whole lot of accompanying health issues such as heart problems, impaired memory and motor abilities, it becomes imperative to restore and boost deep sleep cycle. The Herbal Sleep Support Tea comes in a reusable zip lock pouch, with 100% natural ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, ashwagandha, orange rinds, etc. Each cup of the tasty brew is truly a sip of health. Whether you are on the lookout for constipation relief tea, best remedy for PCOS, or cough and cold relief tea, you will surely find a brew suited to your specific requirements in the caverns of Teatox Life India.

Buy Ayurvedic Tea Online in India

Ours is a nation that runs on endless cups of the ubiquitous “chai”. A beverage that fuels many minds and ambitions has acquired an enhanced touch of health and restorative ability in bespoke brews from the best ayurvedic tea store online in India. Teatox your way to a healthier weight and fitter waistline with Detox Tea for Weight Loss. Often women go through significant hormonal changes in the body owing to stress and other factors, which can take a significant toll on their body. PCOS and PCOD can lead to irregular periods, acne and obesity in women. Counter the same with healthier lifestyle choices such as choosing the Women PCOS, PCOD Health Tea over your regular brews. Even if you aren’t targeting any particular health issue and seek to maintain an overall healthy profile, switch to the Anti-oxidant Tulsi Green Tea Blend. Infused with the goodness of 6 active au-naturel ingredients- Ashwagandha, Licorice, Tulsi, Amla, Guduchi, Green Tea, it makes for the perfect cup of tea for health conscious folks who wish to give a power start to their days! Supplement your brew with a healthy balanced diet to enjoy enhanced benefits. Who says that natural detox and clean products don’t taste great? You are in for a tasty surprise, with a rich taste of organic peppermint in each sip of our unique blends. So make the healthier choice today and keep hustling India!

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