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Fighting Depression: The Need of the Hour

Depression can deplete your hope and energy alike. Whether you have mild depression or major depression, you’ll possibly encounter grief, lethargy, and loss of interest in day-to-day life for a longer time period. Even the simplest of the things in your life seem difficult to manage when you’re depressed. However, life doesn’t come to a stop. There are some effective techniques for fighting depression and get out of the blue.

How Can You Cure Depression?

Treatment of depression can be divided into three broad categories. All will serve you as per your medical condition and symptoms.

1.   Self Help:

  •  You are your priority

 Career is vital, yet no meeting or deadline should take over your well-being. Don’t forget to put yourself first. Until you feel unmotivated, you can’t accomplish anything as you’ll be unable to concentrate on the job you are doing. Self-love is crucial.

Attempting to reach unrealistic expectations of someone else and even your own will just lead to failure. Be transparent with your co-workers and employer both about what you are finding hard to do. Hence, dedicate mental health day to yourself to get a breather.

You’ll be a tremendous asset to yourself as well as your company when you work with a more positive viewpoint and renewed energy.

  • Confront your fears

Don’t be afraid of involving in activities that you find challenging to do. When you feel low or anxious, you often stop talking to other people and lose your confidence in going out.

However, you should ensure facing up to these situations whenever possible for fighting depression. It will ultimately ease out the task and help you become calm.

  • Create a to-do list

When you set unrealistic goals, it may seem weighty that you will instead decide to do nothing. Deep depression is a phase that you have to fight one step at a time.

So, better set two smaller goals. For instance, do not do all the piling laundry, order them according to the colors of clothes.

When you complete one small task, now be prepared for another small job and carry this systematic loop. You can have a list of real accomplishments in this way rather than a whole incomplete to-do list.

  • Indulge in pleasing activities

Engaging in something positive is a healthy coping strategy for fighting depression. Depression may feel more powerful than light emotions. In fact, it can drive you towards exhaustion. However, you can make efforts to bounce back in life by indulging in something you love.

Indeed, you are in the phase where you are disinterested even in your favorite pastimes. Anyhow you must push yourself.

Look out for the activities that will relax you down alongside will reenergize you. Find your happy place – it could be anything ranging from painting, reading, playing the guitar, and hiking, to biking. These activities will help to revive your mood and energy both. Eventually, you may start combating your symptoms.

  • Adjust your eating habits

You will often crave for the meals to boost your gloomy mood when you are feeling down. Delectable savories such as donuts, candy, cookies, pastry, and chips have a rollercoaster effect on your glucose level. When your blood sugar drops down, you will feel even more irritable as well as anxious.

Thus, you have to make sure to consume slower-burning foods and beverages, namely fruits, vegetables, whole-grain crackers with cheese, Greek yogurt and green tea for depression and anxiety relief. A diet that includes plenty of fresh whole foods throughout the day can also go a long way in treating your depression. Such foods help stabilize your blood sugar and mood both. Additionally, reduce alcohol and caffeine intake to uplift your mood.

2.   Physical:

  • Start Exercising

 When you have depression and anxiety, exercise usually looks like the last thing you want to do. Yet once you get motivated, exercise can make a big difference.

The link between depression and exercise is unclear, but different types of physical activities can surely alleviate depression symptoms. Moreover, regular exercise releases feel-good hormones called endorphins that will help you get away from the loop of negative feelings. Work out may likewise assist in keeping depression at bay from returning once you feel better. If you want to feel better – get up and start working out.

  • Meditation

It is a sort of self-awareness training that enables one to experience the body and feelings and helps free mental clutter from the mind.

By meditating, you will learn to stop thinking about the past or despairing about the future. It can improve the functioning of your nervous system and offer you mind much-needed relaxation, healing, and recovery.

  • Get a good night’s sleep

During the depression, you will either sleep too little or too much. It is one of the common symptoms of this mental illness. Improper sleeping routine gives rise to more negative thoughts, anxiety, and worsens the depression.

So, getting an adequate amount of quality sleep is crucial. You can’t overstate restorative sleep because it will regulate the functioning of your brain.

  • Medications

There are three types of medicines for curing depression that are antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and tranquilizers. They each work in distinct ways and are prescribed for varied conditions. It’s similarly crucial to comprehend that not every kind of depression requires medication. So, always take medication after consulting a mental health practitioner. The doctor will first discuss your symptoms, as well as the side effects, risks, and benefits of the meds.

Remember, it may take time for the medication to show its effect. Also, once you started the medicine for depression, don’t stop the consumption suddenly without asking your doctor.

3.   Psychological Therapies

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

You will most probably criticize yourself most of the time when depressed, considering yourself incapable and weak. Also, others will seem judgmental, and the future looks unrewarding and bleak in this condition. Dysfunctional negative views become an element of your life. So, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) can do wonder for you.

CBT is a structured therapy that concentrates on helping you recognize and alter negative thinking and behavior habits. CBT has been a successful treatment for all age groups of people according to several studies. Even it is assumed to be helpful in the prevention of depression recurrence.

  • Interpersonal therapy

It is another great therapy for depression that you may take to cope up with life’s obstacles. It is a time-limited therapy that consists of a highly structured session. The treatment works on improving communication skills and conflict-resolution skills.

The goal of this treatment is to boost the relationship issues occurring in your life due to depression. Positive changes in your association with others can be a significant mood booster and support for fighting depression.


Depression can occasionally disappear by itself, but you need to pay attention to the symptoms. If left untreated, it may persist for an extended period and will get on your nerves and life both. So, make sure to seek early help in order to recover sooner.

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