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Home Remedies For Instant Constipation Relief – Things To Know

Anyone who might not be familiar with the term “Constipation” is an uncomfortable state or condition where you have difficulty emptying the bowels. If one may be looking for a relatively simple definition, Constipation is the struggle of passing bowels. One may feel embarrassed to admit it, but everyone has at least once in their life going through the wrath of Constipation. Be it you or your loved ones; everyone experiences the discomfort of suffering through the condition of Constipation. It is a very natural condition that, honestly, no one needs to feel ashamed of.

Any bowel related issue is usually associated with shame and embarrassment. People feel uncomfortable and shy while discussing their bowel issues, but it is not something to hide or be ashamed of. It is a pretty standard and consistent condition that everyone has. One may suffer from a constipated phase due to many reasons like lifestyle choices, eating options, any medical condition, or a lack of fluid intake. For some, this condition may exist for a short time, like a day or two, but for others, sometimes, this struggle can live for a more extended period. When constipation pays visits for an extended duration than usual, it can be pretty painful and can cause much discomfort. To help you out with home remedies to get instant relief from this utterly uncomfortable condition, we bring you a list of treatments for you!

1. Stock up on fibres

When someone is suffering from Constipation, the most common home remedy given out is to increase fibre intake in the diet. Even if you approach a doctor, the first advice is to increase dietary fibre intake consciously.

Increasing the intake of fibres in the diet increases the consistency and bulk of the bowel movement, making them relatively more comfortable to pass out. Fibres help complete the digestive process comparatively more comfortable and faster, resulting in a happy gut and healthy bowel movements. 

If one is looking for ingredients to increase the fibre intake in an Indian household, one may resort to vegetables, wheat bran, or whole grains. These ingredients help pass the stools more quickly and easily by adding bulk to them. On the other hand, one can try oats, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, or even barley. These ingredients end up softening the stools that help them pass.

2. Drink coffee or tea

Image Source: Pexels

It is not uncommon that a coffee cup in the morning can do wonders for some people, especially for their digestive system and bowel movements. Coffee or tea increases the life urge to run to the loo because the digestive system muscles get stimulated by it. It also believed that small amounts of soluble fibres that soften the stool and make them pass easier are present in coffee and tea, which balances out the gut bacterias and prevents Constipation. brings you a collection of best quality tea types that help your digestive system’s health and helps out in maintaining a healthy stool movement that relieves you from the clenches of a constipated condition. Green tea is also a herbal tea that’s been revered with cleansing the colon and aiding with digestion. They come in various flavours like Rose Petal, Tulsi, Chamomile, and others. 

3. Exercise

Most of the time, people suffer through the painful condition of Constipation because of an unhealthy lifestyle with a lack of exercise and movement. Especially in today’s age, with people glued to their smartphones 24*7, exercising or working out, in general, is a pretty distant thing no. This unhealthy way of living can take a severe toll on not just your life, but on your digestive system too. 

Exercising is an effective home remedy that could instantly relieve you from Constipation, or it can at least provide some relief from the symptoms of Constipation that one may face. 

If you feel serious about trying this remedy out, you can attempt to do gentle exercises like walks, cycling, jogging, or swimming to stimulate a better gut system. One important thing that needs to be mentioned is not overdoing these exercises because they could worsen the symptoms.

4. Drink more water and stay hydrated 

Image Source: Pexels

You may be tired of hearing “water solves all the problems” all the time as a remedy, but water is nature’s magic potion that makes everything better. It is widely believed that dehydration can be one of the biggest causes of Constipation that can leave a person suffering. Staying hydrated on fluids can help maintain a healthy gut and a healthy body.

Regular natural fluids like normal water or fresh juices can easily do the trick to your digestive system, but if you are looking for more options, I advise sometimes carbonated drinks. They stimulate the digestive system and help increase bowel movements. One thing to remember is that sugary carbonated beverages do not help with bowel movements, so it is advised to avoid them.

5. Colonic Massages

Colonic massages are another recommendation that can make the passage of stools relatively easier. They generally help relax your strained muscles and make bowel movements easier. You can easily do these massages at home by yourself with the assistance of videos available on the internet and using remedies like rose petals

6. Try Anjeer or Figs

Image Source: Pexels

Anjeer is believed to be one of the home remedies to get relief from Constipation’s uncomfortable condition. Its high fibre quality works like a charm on your digestive system and will instantly relieve you of your painful bowel movements. 

One important tip- do remember to soak them in hot water before consumption. This way, they’ll work more effectively.

7. Milk and Ghee

In every Indian household, Milk and Ghee are considered the MVP of every problem-solving process. It turns out they have help to offer even when you are suffering from Constipation. 

It is recommended to drink 1 cup of hot milk with 1 or 2 teaspoons of ghee mixed in it before you go to bed, and you’ll wake up to a clean stomach that won’t demand any grunting during the cleaning process.

8. Healthy fats

Healthy fats are always recommended in the dietary plan for the smooth running of the essential bodily functions, but one thing that many overlook is that they act as lubricants for your intestines and make bowel passage relatively easy, for example, Olive oil.

9. Squatting

Image Source: Pexels

Many times it is recommended that the right position can help make the passage of bowels much easier. Squatting is one such position that is likely to help you out with passing the stools easier and relieve you of Constipation.

10. Mulethi or Liquorice root

Last but not least is Mulethi. It is one of the most effective and useful ayurvedic home remedies that can instantly relieve you of Constipation! You need to mix one teaspoon of Mulethi with one teaspoon of jaggery and consume it with a cup of warm water, and you are good to go. 

A healthy gut leads to a healthy person, don’t ignore your problems out of shame but seek help to get better faster. Your health should always be your priority!

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