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Liver Detoxification – Facts behind a healthy detox

7 or 14 day detox program

When you begin to create your first detox tea program, it’s going to be very important to do things effectively. Should you not, the end results might be disappointing. You could find yourself connected to different programs and detoxification diets such as 7 day detox or 14 day detox to go through and develop products made up of various herbs that can just be found in the environment, or, perish the thought, even get to know detox tea, as part of the alternative medicine practice has now been a popular way to support the body’s natural detoxing especially the colon and the kidney which also connected different programs and detoxification diets.

 #1: Most toxins enter the bloodstream either through your mouth, nose or skin. Toxins are also released by invading bacteria and dying cells. The liver, the purification plant, removes the toxins so that they do not cause any kind of damage to your body. Your kidneys also break down poisons and remove them through urine and feces. Toxins are also removed when your exhale carbon dioxide. 

 #2: In order to keep your body in top working condition, you must drink 6/8 glasses of water every day, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains and reduce the consumption of animal fats, sugar, fried food and caffeine. You must also avoid smoking tobacco and inhaling other fumes. 

#3: Protecting yourself from obvious hazards like using recreational drugs, having unsafe sex and eating raw shellfish can help prevent hepatitis, a disease that damages your liver. Even if you are careful, prescription medications, pollutants in the air and additives used in foods can introduce toxins and damage the liver cells and reduce their ability to break them down. 

#4: Liver detoxification is beneficial when your liver is forced to work hard and protect you from the ill effects of bad diet and unavoidable toxins. 

#5: Antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, minerals zinc and selenium are known to improve liver health. Further, B-vitamins are helpful in metabolizing alcohol and herbs like milk thistle, dandelion and schizandra are known to cleanse the liver.

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#6: Laboratory studies carried out by renowned professors reveal that milk thistle extract provides beneficial effects and silymarin, the key ingredient in the extract, aids liver detoxification by acting on biochemical pathways. In Europe, Silymarin is approved for liver damage, especially if it is caused by alcohol consumption. Silymarin does not seem to cause any side effects.

#7: The beneficial effects provided by dietary supplements such as milk thistle have not been established conclusively as properly powered and controlled large-scale studies have not been carried out so far as regards the dosage and duration of treatment. Further, nutritional supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Moreover, there are wide variations in the purity and strength of products available in the market. 

#8: A large number of liver detoxification dietary supplements are available in the market today. Choosing the right one for your requirement can be quite overwhelming. Moreover, the price of milk thistle varies widely as it is available in the powder and liquid forms and as tablets. The liver detoxification products do come with recommended serving size, but most of them do not specify the quantity or the strength of the active ingredient present in them. Further, most studies have assessed the effects of liver detoxification supplements individually and not in combination.

#9: Researchers and experts in the field are of the opinion that many of the products available in the market may be ineffective as silybin, the ingredient in silymarin, may not be well assimilated by your body. Further, some ingredients present in milk thistle may interact with prescription medications. It is, therefore, important that you check with your doctor prior to using any of the milk thistle-based liver detoxification products.

#10: Some of the other questions that remain to be answered are:

– Whether a liver detoxification supplement should be eaten on a daily basis to maintain your liver health?

– Whether these supplements should be eaten only when you drink alcohol in excess or your liver is subjected to other form of stress?

– Are these supplements helpful if your liver is already-diseased?

Research organizations have started to carry out detailed studies on different liver detoxification therapies, more information on the beneficial effects of dietary supplements are likely to come along. Meanwhile, it is important to keep in mind the fact that self-restraint and good judgment would help you to best maintain the health of your liver.

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