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Why Teatoxlife India no longer offer Cash on Delivery

Teatox Life India has removed Cash on Delivery (COD) as a payment option. The option was available for customers since our incorporation until May 8, 2020. Unfortunately, we are forced to remove COD as an option to make a business decision.

Between January 2020 and April 2020, 80% of all orders for TeatoxLife India was Cash on Delivery (COD) and we were happy to support it. But when we looked at our metrics, over 20% of those orders have returned to us as Rejected by Customers / Non Deliverable / Customer unwilling to accept and pay.

Our customers need to understand that a Cash on Delivery order has the following risk and fees associated with it.

a) Order processing cost including packaging

b) Onward courier fee

c) COD collection and remittance fee to be paid to courier companies

These are standard fees/costs that are incurred for a COD order. When a customer accepts delivery and pays cash, these charges are deducted by the courier company and then remittance made to us.

When a customer rejects a parcel for Cash on Delivery (COD) and refuses to pay, we incur the following additional cost.

d) Cost of return courier to place of origin / our office

e) COD rejection fee

What does this mean?

It simply means that for every COD order that we ship out that is not accepted by the customer (though they placed the order willingly through our website), we incur a net expense of almost Rs.140-Rs.170, leaving us with a negative of Rs.170 per order.

Unfortunately, until we as a society mature to be accountable for our actions, it becomes hard to use COD as a preferred payment mode. We as a company feel, this is a dis-service not just to the society but also to our other customers, who trust us and prepay for orders. So as a company, we have decide to remove COD as a payment option.

We understand this is a hard decision and will affect our overall sales. But we feel, customers who value our brand and trust us wouldn't have a problem making payments through Razorpay, India's leading payment gateway. We will soon work on introducing Paytm and Google Pay also as an option to enable customers have greater payment gateway options.

While we regret that our customers no longer have COD as a payment option, we are happy that now we will have a loyal base of customers who we can serve with greater satisfaction and gratitude and offer better pricing / faster shipping.

Thank you for supporting us in this decision

Bharath Balakrishnan

Director - Earths Path Wellness Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India

Brand - Teatoxlife - Drink your way to wellness

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