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Black CTC Tea for Digestion Support – Chai Blend
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Black CTC Tea for Digestion Support – Chai Blend




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 Black Tea Chai Blend for Digestion Support


Targeting specific body parts or health issues is great. But there are those times where you do not need to target them. You can get some great health benefits from a general application tea. Teatox Life has developed a tea for those people who just need some health maintenance or upkeep. 

A great tea for when you want to take a break from targeting other health issues.


Our Antioxidant Green Tea blend includes

Like all the other TeaToxLife’s teas, Green tea provides the healthy foundation. In this version, it gets help from the following 5 ayurvedic herbs:


Ashwagandha- it comes from the nightshade family and works on anxiety, stress depression. It also has anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory properties.

Licorice- targets your brain. It works well against amnesia, as it builds up your memory and learning. It also contains a lot of ‘anti’ properties to work on overall health issues.

Tulsi- helps heal wounds as its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties work on other parts of your body. Its anti-bacterial prowess is well known.

Amla- also known as Indian gooseberry, works on aging skin, body decline as it helps improve your liver functions.

Guduchi- is used to help keep the body cooler as well as work on arthritis pain and skin issues. Also, it helps the liver to detox, heal from any damage given it and cleans it up.

For overall health, this is a good tea to use as you relax from a hard day at the job.


    How to make Antioxidant Rich Green Tea tea?

     – Bring 6oz-8oz of water to boil (212 degree farenheit)

    – Add 1 antioxidant tea bag to cup and pour water

    – Steep tea blend for 3-8 minutes depending on flavor sought

    – Add lemon and honey to enjoy the tea

    *Be sure not to boil herbs or it may turn it into a bitter tea


    Food to eat for overall wellness

     We all know what foods we should not eat. Junk food, candy, alcohol, soda, fried foods and so on. In other words, all the foods and beverages that taste great.

    But bad food does not have a corner on the taste market. Here is a short list of good tasting foods and beverages that you should consume as you go about your day:


    • Walnuts- a great tasting snack food that has Omega 3 fatty acids
    • Peanut Butter or Almond Butter- these butters are heart friendly
    • Oatmeal- it is usually on just about every list
    • Skim milk- cuts out the fat and leaves the nutrients
    • Lentils- help protect against birth defects
    • Blueberries- a member of the superfood group
    • Pumpkin- it has both antioxidants and potassium for blood pressure
    • Eggs- protein, vitamin B12, and A make their home with this food item
    • Chicken breast- low in fat and high in protein
    • Kidney beans- great for chili and high in oxidants

      The tea for overall health is not meant to be drunk alone. Being healthy goes better and is more fun if your mate participates in your tea drinking program. It is also better to have company when eating right as well.

      This antioxidant tea is a great way to maintain yours and your partner’s overall health.

      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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