Cold & Cough Relief Green Tea
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Cold & Cough Relief Green Tea



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 A tea for cold and cough 

It is miserable to suffer through a cold, especially when the medicine you take doesn’t work well. There is a healthy alternative to taking cold medication. This alternative follows the doctor’s advice to drink plenty of fluids.

You can drink Teatox Life’s Cold & Cough Tea. The company has blended the health benefits of green tea with 5 all-natural ayurvedic herbs. This combination helps relieve colds & coughs, as well as working on congestion and respiratory issues.

Not only that, this tea will detox your body and disinfect it. It is a healthy all-natural alternative to cold medication. 

What’s in our dry cough relief tea 

The first ingredient is green tea. Its antioxidants provide a solid healthy foundation to build on for attacking the symptoms of colds. Teatox Life adds 5 more ayurvedic herbs to this foundation to take cold fighting to its peak:

  1. Black Pepper- good for chest congestion and its anti-bacterial prowess helps cut down the germs.
  2. Adulsa- a medicinal plant found in Asia whose properties target coughing. It is mild enough for children to use. Also, it comes to the aid of the respiratory system.
  3. Licorice- will soothe your sore throat while attacking your cough
  4. Tulsi- brings antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory action to your cough and cold. It also has analgesic properties to work on your cold symptoms.
  5. Ginger- this has been a folk medicine for a long time. It also is a natural cough suppressant as well as an all-round cold and cough fighter. Along with this it also helps relieve pain.

Avoid eating and drinking these products

It would be nice if this Cough and Cold Tea was a miracle worker and didn’t need any help. But it isn’t. It just another weapon you can use to ease those times when you are suffering from a cold and a cough.

You can help the Cough & Cold Tea do its job better by avoiding the following foods:

  • Milk- there is a protein in milk which contributes to your mucous build-up in your respiratory system. Avoiding milk will cut down on your mucous problem.
  • Carbonated drinks- the chemicals involved in these beverages can trigger allergies and other problems.
  • Caffeine- leads to dehydration which is opposite of what doctors say. They want you to drink lots of water, etc., during your cold season.
  • Processed foods- they are rich in chemicals and poor in nutrients. They do little to help you overcome your cold or cough

Fried food- it is not so much the food but the cooking process. Frying food releases acrolein which travels through the air to your lungs. Once there, this chemical induces coughing. 

Along with the Cold & Cough Tea, look for those foods that help you fight your cold. Eating right will save you a lot of suffering. While you search, drink the tea. Its all-natural ingredients will bring you fast relief from cold symptoms.

Adding the Cold & Cough Tea is a smart move and will help build up your body’s strength. 

    How to make Cold & Cough relief tea?

     – Bring 6oz-8oz of water to boil (212 degree farenheit)

    – Add 1 tea bag of herbal tea blend to water*

    – Steep tea blend for 2-5 minutes depending on flavor sought

    – Add lemon and honey to enjoy the tea

    *Be sure not to boil herbs or it may turn it into a bitter tea 

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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