Constipation & Bloating Relief Digestion Support Tea
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Constipation & Bloating Relief Digestion Support Tea

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Digestion is one of the essential functions of the body, which, when not performed properly, can lead to acidity, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea. The list of stomach issues is endless, and we all know how weak digestion can affect the overall quality of life! With supplements such as digestion tea, you can instantly improve your metabolism as their ingredients are purely natural and formulated to soothe the gastrointestinal tract of a human. Overall, the herbs in this tea are best suited for the stomach to enhance your well-being. 


Benefits of Digestion Tea

  • Cleanses digestive tract
  • Reduce acid reflux
  • Improves appetite levels
  • Anti-Inflammatory effect
  • Relieves upset stomach

Digestive Tea Features

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Enhances digestive capacity
  • Reduces intestine inflammation
  • Reduces bloating effect
  • Calms intestine lining

Making Digestion Support Tea

  • Bring cup of water to boil
  • Add 1 tea spoon of blend
  • Steep for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Filter mixture into cup
  • Add honey & lemon
  • Drink twice a day



Green Tea: Green tea is famous for boosting digestive health and is best suited for people who have excessive flatulence or gastric problems. Eventually, the bloating issue will be resolved along with other common stomach issues.

Triphala: It improves the absorption capacity of the digestive system and also helps in detoxifying the body. Detoxification, in turn, enhances the functionality of the liver and purifies the blood. All this combined, definitely helps in smoothening the bowel movements.

Mint: Mint is effective against all digestion problems and increases the flow of bile juices. It is always helpful for upset stomach and also indigestion. Mint leaves have been known to fight against diabetes, thereby controlling the release of glucose in the bloodstream

Licorice: Licorice is a sweet root that is very soothing for the stomach. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps in repairing stomach lining, ulcers.

Bay Leaf: Bay leaves can increase the flow of acid in the stomach, thus assisting in the digestion of food. It is also effective against irritable bowel syndrome and stomach pains due to gas formation.

Cinnamon: Being rich in antioxidants, cinnamon is useful in providing solutions to stomach upset, nausea, flatulence. It is also rich in manganese, which helps in the absorption of iron and calcium in the body.

Rose Petals: Rose is known to enhance the function of digestion as it influences the secretion of bile juices. Bile juices are responsible for breaking down the complex structure of the food. It, therefore, reduces the digestion problems.

Lemongrass: Be it gastric or bloating; constipation or indigestion; lemongrass is one powerful ingredient that soothes the stomach due to its cooling properties. It also controls sugar levels in the blood.



How to boost your well-being?

Digestion problems can be life-consuming, and if you are having one, don’t ignore it. Most of the lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, thyroid are closely related to weak digestion system. Teatox Life has developed a special tea which can strengthen your gut against such lifestyle disorders:


Diabetes Support Tea: As the name suggests, it is helpful for the diabetes patient. The ingredients of this tea are formulated after understanding its benefits for diabetes and how it can impact the release of sugar in blood stream.


Thyroid Tea: Thyroid is a direct result of poor digestion problems where iodine absorption is disrupted. Through these tea ingredients, your iodine intake is impacted, and you will begin to notice the changes in your thyroid blood report.


Why buy from Teatox Life India

Teatox Life ensures that you obtain the benefits of some of the best medicinal herbs in the world. It is aware of the adverse impact of synthetic ingredients and is therefore dedicated to providing products that are eco-friendly and completely free of chemicals.

Digestion Tea is a special tea made from the highest-quality natural ingredients that are sourced from all around the globe. The tea prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in your digestive tract and enhances your natural digestive powers. Being entirely free of calories it is a delightful and safe health drink.

Digestion tea reduces acid reflux in the body and increases your appetite. It soothes an upset stomach and reduces excessive bloating and fullness. It enables your body to process the food properly and absorb all the nutrients.


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