Constipation Relief Colon Cleanse Tea (Bowel Detox Tea)
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Constipation Relief Colon Cleanse Tea (Bowel Detox Tea)

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Constipation is a common problem which makes it hard for your bowels to function fully. It can make you feel bloated and sometimes, be painful. Herbal tea can be used to relieve constipation as it creates a diuretic effect in the body. This constipation will enhance the digestibility of the food and detoxifies the body. Colon Cleansing Tea (Constipation Tea) soothes an upset stomach and provides relief from irritations in the digestive tract. It helps to move the food along the digestive tract and facilitates quick bowel movement. 


Top 5 reasons for Herbal Colon Cleanse

  • Improves Colon health
  • Eases daily discharge
  • Softens stools for easy cleanse
  • Treats stomach pain and discomfort
  • Increases bowel movement frequency

Colon Cleanse Green Tea Features

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Relaxes upset tummy
  • Reusable Zip lock pouch
  • No artificial fillers
  • Calms intestine lining

How to make Colon Cleanse Tea

  • Bring 1 cup of water to 95 degree Celsius
  • Add 1 tea spoon of blend
  • Steep for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Filter mixture into cup
  • Add honey & lemon

Ingredients of Teatox Life Best Colon Cleanse Tea

Senna Leaf: It is one of the powerful herbs known to be a laxative. It treats irritable bowel syndrome and detoxifies the liver. 

Green Tea: Possessing multiple benefits, green tea is highly beneficial for constipation too. It improves the metabolism of the body and keeps your body hydrated. Dehydration causes hard stools and makes their movement restricted and painful. 

Pepper Mint: It is excellent for boosting digestive health (also for colon health). It relaxes the muscles of the intestine as the aroma of peppermint is quite relaxing for the gut.

Licorice: This root is sweet in taste and is the best solution to cure any digestive issue. Apart from adding sweetness, it is anti-inflammatory in nature. 

Triphala: Since ancient times, Triphala powder is used to cure abdominal discomfort and evacuates the bowel movement. Triphala also completes any incomplete evacuation.

Chamomile: This is a fragrant herb which calms the gut, and it speeds up the bowel movement. It has a soothing effect on the body and also induces sleep.

Hibiscus: It acts as a diuretic and laxative, which helps in increasing urine and bowel output. It enables you to gain back your lost appetite, resolves stomach irritation.

Suggested Use

Recommended to drink at least once a day for 2 weeks but no more than 2 cups a day.

Drink 1 cup at least 1 hour after dinner but before sleep. Next morning drink at least 1 liter warm water to help flush toxins*. Continue for 1-2 weeks.

Take 1 week break and consume our milder Digestion Support Tea during the break.

*Product contains senna, a natural herbal laxative. Drinking plenty of fluids during detox is essential and extremely important to avoid dehydration. 

Works for IBS patients too. If you have chronic illness, please consult your doctor prior to use.  

How to boost your well-being?

Constipation can cause a disturbance in daily routine by making you irritated and uncomfortable. To improve your digestion, you can incorporate different teas:

Refreshing Tea: If you want to keep yourself fresh and remove the dullness when you are at work, then this tea can work wonders for you. The aroma of the lemongrass and active components of this tea can rejuvenate your day.

Digestion Support: Teatox Life also has ayurvedic blends with rich ingredients that can boost both the metabolism and digestion. Once, your digestion system functions in its best capacity, your skin and hair will automatically be in its best form.

What to eat during Colon Cleanse?

Foods to eat during colon cleanse

You can add broccoli in your diet in many ways. You can also broccoli and cauliflower casserole.

You can use milk for more than just your breakfast. Eating cheddar cheese soup will fulfil both your vegetable and dairy needs.

Consider adding raspberries to salad. Raspberries, when added to desserts, make them delicious.

Dark , leafy vegetables 
Dark, leafy greens like spinach, kale and chard helps to clean your cleanse effectively. Add greens to your salad and other meals.

Make some creative oatmeal recipes at home. Try adding foods that contain fiber, calcium and vitamin D.

Foods to avoid during Colon Cleanse

  1. Don’t eat a high meat diet without balancing it with vegetables and high fiber foods.
  2. Don’t eat sugar because it causes inflammation in the colon. 
  3. Don’t eat high dairy products without balancing it with vegetables, nuts and fiber foods.
  4. Avoid consumption of caffeine. It will cause many health problems.
  5. Don’t eat gluten products like grains, wheat, barley, pasta, cookies etc.
  6. Replace your white table salt with himalayan pink salt.
  7. Don’t microwave your food for heating or cooking.
  8. Avoid artificial sweeteners, carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

Following a proper diet will help in proper colon cleanse.  

Common FAQ’s About Best Herbal Tea For Constipation

Please click on the FAQ tab at the beginning of Product Description for most frequently asked questions. We will try to constantly keep this updated to ensure as much information is shared as possible before you make an informed purchase.

Why buy Colon Cleanse Tea from Teatox Life India

Teatox Life is committed to making products that are 100% natural made of herbal ingredients that will provide you with unlimited energy and enable you to perform your tasks effectively. It realizes that synthetic products can harm your body, and so uses only the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world. Teatox Life offers the best Colon Cleanse Tea in India.

Constipation Tea (colon cleanse herbal tea) is formulated with herbal ingredients that soothe your digestive system. These ingredients are entirely natural and do not cause any side effects. The tea enhances the body’s digestive system and makes your bowel movement smooth relieving you from constipation. The blend is the perfect health beverage with zero calories.


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