Green Tea for Skin Whitening
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Green Tea for Skin Whitening

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Shop Detox Green Tea for Skin Whitening & Acne.

Are you a beauty enthusiast who can’t stay without her daily skin ritual? Well, grab Teatox green tea for skin now! The active ingredients in green tea can potentially make your skin glow and blemish-free.

Now your morning or evening teacup can be more than a mood-refreshing session. It’s time to rejuvenate your skin as well by buying this best green tea for skin.

Perhaps the best thing about buying green tea online is the fact that it contains various healthy bioactive compounds, which are great for reducing inflammation and fighting various diseases. Its natural antioxidants prevent cell damage. It also significantly reduces the formation of free radicals, thereby protecting the skin from environmental hazards. So, if you’re looking for green tea benefits for skin, or green tea benefits for face, you’d be happy to know that consuming green tea is indeed quite beneficial.

According to various studies, the EGCG in green tea has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Thus, green tea for acne solution and green tea for skin whitening are perhaps the most common reasons why women have started including detox green tea as part of their daily diet. The product has shown satisfactory results in fighting oily skin and acne, where the latter forms due to excess sebum clogging the skin pores, thereby stimulating bacterial growth. It’s a great product for your daily acne regimen. Buy green tea online, now!

Benefits of Green Tea

  • Relieves skin inflammation.
  • Good for treating skin disorders like psoriasis.
  • Antioxidants and rarely found catechin EGCG can reactivate dying skin cells and slow down the ageing process. 
  • Compounds in it help reduce your sebum production by shrinking your pores.
  • Antibacterial properties reduce breakout and blackheads.
  • Protects skin against harmful UV rays and pollution.
  • Rich in Vitamin E and B2.
  • Contains less amount of caffeine.

Key Ingredients

Green Tea

Popular Asian green tea leaves play a crucial role in maintaining the health and quality of the skin as it is full of antioxidants and nutrients. It regulates collagen levels in your body that leads to firm and youthful skin. Green tea also increases iron absorption and nutrient intake in the body. It is known for its stellar properties that includes the presence of antioxidants. But that’s not all! Green tea benefits for skin also includes detoxing, ability to limit cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and inflammation. It’s a gem of a product that’s widely used around the globe and this is why, in the recent years we are witnessing a tremendous demand for green tea online.

Rose Petals

These have been part of herbal medicine since time immemorial. They have a profound effect in lowering stress levels, encouraging sleep, and offering a relaxing effect. It also comes in handy for treating pesky stomach troubles.

Orange Peel

Orange peels has double the health benefits the actual orange fruit! It contains flavonoids and other phytochemicals that actually benefit the body. It also contains a considerable amount of calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, and lots of dietary fiber.

Kudzu Root

It is used to treat headache, dizziness, deal with upset stomach, and reduce tendency of vomiting. It contains isoorientin, a compound known to boost antioxidant levels and reduce skin inflammation.

Why Should You Choose Teatox Green Tea for Skin?

  • Teatox sells 100% authentic organically grown green tea bags.
  • Our green tea leaves blend for skin has no added sugar, colours, and preservatives. Thus, you can enjoy maximum benefits from this nutrient-rich drink.  
  • Teatox always keeps its organic green tea price nominal to offer its customers nothing but the best.
  • We make sure to provide a fast delivery service.
  • Our loose green tea range is a zero-calorie herbal beverage.
  • Add our best green tea for skin infusion to your skincare regime and fight off many skin disorders.
  • No more age spots and wrinkles caused by free radical damage by consuming this magical tea regularly.
  • Puffy eyes? Our green tea range is your solution again!
  • Without spending much time, you will be ready to relish your herbal skin tonic.
  • EGCG in green tea lowers lipid levels and sebum excretions. Thus, it slows down and at times, even stops the development of acne.
  • EGCG also fights DNA damage from UV rays. It comes with anti-ageing properties thus combating early signs of premature aging in women.


Green Tea for Skin

  • How is green tea good for the skin?

    Several research studies have found evidence that drinking green tea for skin cure really works. It can make your skin acne-free and wrinkle-free. Apart from this, it can protect you from nonmelanoma and melanoma skin cancers by promoting DNA repair.

  • What is the recommended time for drinking green tea for skin?

    We recommend drinking this tea either during the morning time or later in the evening. 


  • Is it fine to drink green tea on an empty stomach?

    No, sipping green tea on an empty stomach can have adverse effects on your body. You can consume the brew two hours pre or post your meals.

  • How many cups of green tea are suitable to consume in a day?

    We recommend consuming 3-5 cups of green tea in a day to enjoy its skin benefits without any side effects.

  • Can I rub a green tea bag on the face?

    Yes, you can. It will tighten the skin, giving it a flawless glow. Make sure you use only the cool tea bag on the face. Or you can apply the used tea as a skin exfoliator to lighten the skin complexion.

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