Heart Health Support Tea [Arjuna Bark Green Tea For Heart]
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Heart Health Support Tea [Arjuna Bark Green Tea For Heart]



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Heart Health Support Tea

Who would have thought that tea could be good for your heart

TeaToxLife has thought of it and created a special blend of ayurvedic herbs for heart care. The herbs they have chosen for this tea are noted for their specific heart support.

These ayurvedic herbs help with your cardiovascular system, help regulate blood pressure, give respiratory support and hinders cholesterol. Almost everything your heart needs to stay healthy.

Plus, when you drink a cup of this tea, you also get help with your digestive system. Everyone has known for a long time that tea was good for your health. Teatox Life just upped tea’s game and made it a health powerhouse.

What’s in Heart Health Tea

It is always the right ingredients that make any product stand out. Not every product gets the right ingredients. This heart support tea has the right ingredients.

  • Green tea- if you want a superior product, you start with the best foundation. Green tea already has many anti-oxidants that fight major diseases, so it makes sense to start with it.
  • Arjuna bark- known for its cardio health contribution, this ayurvedic herb also strengthens the cardiac muscle and relieves pressure. It also helps regulate the heartbeat.
  • Pushkarmool- targets heart diseases, as well as respiratory ones like asthma, bronchitis and more. This herb also works on relieving stress and may contribute to allergy health.
  • Ashwagandha- this herb’s specialty is stress, anxiety and depression. It helps relieve hypertension, protect against coronary artery disease among other heart-related issues.
  • Stevia Leaves – Stevia is a natural sweetner that is harmless when taken in moderation. We ensured that we do not use processed or extracted stevia but stick to only 100% natural crushed stevia leaves.

The green tea for heart is all-natural, no chemicals added and 100 % good for your heart. 

Foods For Healthy Heart

One thing to remember is that tea made from herbs cannot do it all They are not a super drug that works alone. Even the good guys get overwhelmed when the number of bad guys invades their area. The same applies for good tea.

The heart support tea also needs help. That helps comes from your diet. You still need to eat right if you are going to have a healthy heart. Here is a list of foods to eat to keep your heart healthy:

  • Apples- this fruit contains quercetin which works on inflammation and possibly blood clots.
  • Avocados- contains monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and phytochemicals which work together t protect your heart.
  • Oats or oatmeal- not only destroys cholesterol, including the LDL version, it also helps your digestive system stay healthy. Its main ingredient is beta glucan.
  • Red Wine- 4-8 ounces a day, the alcohol or non-alcohol versions do the same work
  • Salmon- or other seafood containing omega 3 acids. The O3 helps cut down your risk of blood clots

Tips To Take Care Of Your Heart

This is almost all you have to do to keep your heart healthy. A little tea, a little wine, some good food and you are good to go. Well almost. You still need to exercise. A little exercise each day goes a long way in protecting your heart.

Adding Teatox Life’s Heart health herbal tea to your wellness routine could only do you good


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