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Herbal Detox Tea with Green Tea, Ginger, Mint & Senna Leaves (Detox Tea For Weight Loss)
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Herbal Detox Tea with Green Tea, Ginger, Mint & Senna Leaves (Detox Tea For Weight Loss)



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 Benefit Today from Natural Detox Cleansing (Weight Loss Tea)


Who doesn’t want to look slimmer and leaner? You’ve tried all sorts of strategies to slim down. But have you thought of using tea to help your bulge battle. A good tea will help you slim down and detox at the same time when coupled with exercise.

The 12 active ingredients in TeaToxLife’s Herbal Detox tea provide you more weapons to use in your fight to get slimmer. This tea will help you suppress your appetite, improve your digestion and help purify your blood.

It does all of this without removing any electrolytes or potassium.

What does our Herbal Detox Tea (Best Herbal Tea For Weight Loss) contain?

Green tea is well-known for its health benefits. Its natural ingredients help keep your liver healthy and provides anti-oxidants that fight cancer. But even a superfood needs a little help.

The 12 all-natural ingredients added to green tea provide a super punch to this superfood drink. Mint work son bloating, while stevia provides the sweetening factor with no calories or carbs.  Guduchi works on inflammation, arthritis as it detoxes the liver.

Amla raises your metabolism as harde contributes to a healthy digestion, as well as fighting constipation and hemorrhoids. Baheda is a colon cleanser, helping to remove toxins from that vital organ, while ginger works on pain, sore throats and other cold symptoms.

Nagarmotha brings the slimming aid you desire as punarnava targets the liver, jaundice, heart disease, kidney failure and much more 


Features of our herbal detox tea (slimming tea)


  1. Restores balance in your body
  2. Improves digestion
  3. Eliminate buildup of toxins and impurities
  4. Anti-oxidant properties
  5. Natural energy boost
  6. Improved immune function
  7. Improved circulation


What to eat during a cleanse?

Fruits: Apples, Avocados, Bananas, Blackberries, Blueberries, Grapefruit, Oranges, Papaya, Pineapples, Raspberries, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Watermelon, White Grapes

Eat 4-5 small portion meals daily by including a lot of salads, vegetable soups, raw nuts and seeds, and fruits. Limit meat intake to one portion of white meat every other day for lunch.

Food to avoid during herbal detox for weight loss

  1. Microwave for heating or cooking
  2. Milk, cheese, cream or dairy products
  3. Gluten foods like grains, wheat, barley, pasta, cookies & similar items
  4. Detoxing or not avoid artificial sweeteners, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages
  5. High fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, molasses, dextrose or processed foods
  6. White table salt (replace with Himalayan pink salt)
  7. Soy products

        How to perform a weight loss colon cleanse detox

        a) Drink 6-8oz of the tea every night after dinner but atleast 30-60 minutes before sleep. Your system works best during your sleep and it will detox.
        b) Next morning, drink atleast 8-12 oz of water to aid the flushing of the detox during the day. Ideally if you can drink 24oz it would be great, but I have personally tried it and anything more than 8oz of water in the morning seems like a push to me 🙂
        c) Continue to routine for 2 weeks and during the time stop red meat intake and substitute with white meat, veggies and fiber rich diet
        d) Always provide atleast 2 weeks gap between each detox allowing your body time to recoup. During this 2 week down time, ensure you follow your water flush routine, lean meat fiber rich diet.
        e) Continue to detox for 2 more weeks after the down time
        There is no standard on how often one should cleanse. It depends greatly on the body type, physical activity and many other factors. We usually recommend cleansing your colon at least once every 2 to 3 months. Note that our detox tea or our bloating relief tea can be consumed daily without any harmful effects. It helps improve digestion, energy levels and can be a great addition to your daily routine along with healthy eating habits and exercise.


        MUST READ – What to expect during colon cleanse (weight loss cleanse)


        Teatox Life Detox Tea could potentially cause watery, extremely soft and easily passed stools similar to diarrhea. The watery and soft stools are the result of the colon cleanse turning the solid waste and bowel compaction into a liquid or semi liquid form.
        This is an expected reaction and a sign that you are cleansing. If you experience this more than 3 or 5 times in a day, stop usage immediately as this cleanse may be too strong for your body. Reduce the intake of tea and alternate with colon powder juice until you achieve desired results.
        Some customers have complained of abdominal cramping during their colon cleanse. Cramping is a definitive sign of your digestive tract not functioning at optimal levels and that you need to continue the Colon Cleanse. This should subside by the 3rd day. To help relieve temporary cramping we recommend you get up from bed, drink 8 ounces of distilled or purified water and walk around for about 15 minutes to increase your blood flow and let gravity help move toxins down through the intestinal tract.
        If cramping continues, is extremely painful, unbearable or if you notice signs of bleeding in your stools, stop using the product immediately as these are indications of this product not suiting your body type. This herbal detox tea is not a miracle slimming cure. It will work with your body to help remove fat and protect it from diseases. The all-natural ingredients do not bring any harmful chemicals to your fight to slim down.
        Give your body a helping hand as it strives to remove toxins and unnecessary fat from your system. The herbal detox slimming tea is another weapon at your disposal.


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