Tea Tree Oil
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Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

Skin problems and no tea tree oil at home? Well, this essential oil is known as an alternative and complementary treatment to improve the overall skin appearance. So, you know what you are missing.

Teatox presents the best tea tree oil in India to tackle all your skin issues. This nature’s gift for skin deserves a place in your skincare ritual. 

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

  • Reduces itching and skin irritation.
  • Heals bacterial wounds and cuts.
  • Soothes swelling, redness, and inflammation.
  • Effective for acne-prone and oily skin.
  • Combats body odour issue.
  • Treats various skin disorders like contact dermatitis, athlete’s foot, and yeast infection.
  • Protects the skin’s elastin and collagen.
  • Works as a natural hand sanitiser.

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil

Distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant, Tea tree oil is an effective skin-healing solution. It boasts antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties. Hence, the miraculous essential oil has become a famous home remedy for many.

Why Should You Choose Tea Tree Oil?

  • Teatox tea tree oil is an authentic and pure essential oil sourced through a sustainably steam-distil process.
  • We have the best tea tree oil in India, which is 100% vegan and free of harmful chemicals. 
  • Our premium quality tea tree oil for skin guarantees total satisfaction. Your closet calls for this natural skin-friendly oil now.
  • You will find the best tea tree oil price at Teatox that makes it a reasonable purchase for everyone.
  • Get a dewy picture-perfect face! When you apply the oil regularly, you will get rid of oily and greasy skin. It will also reduce the skin’s pores size.
  • Are you suffering from unstoppable itching? No worries! The tea tree essential oil will soothe your itchy skin area.
  • You can prepare your DIY perfume using this aromatic and antibacterial essential oil.
  • Put a few drops in your bathtub for aromatherapy to rejuvenate your skin and senses alike.


Tea Tree Oil

  • What is the right way to use tea tree essential oil?

    Remember you can’t apply the essential oil directly to the skin.Do not forget to mix this essential oil with a carrier oil. Maintain the 2:12 ratio while mixing oils. It means you have to add 2 drops of the essential oil to 12 drops of carrier oil.

  • How to use Teatox tea tree oil to cure pimples?

    First, you have to rinse your face with a gentle cleanser. Pat it dry. Now take the diluted tea tree oil for skin and apply it by dabbing it on your pimples using a cotton pad or ball.

  • How to store Teatox tea tree essential oil?

    You can store Teatox tea tree essential oil at room temperature or in the fridge.

  • Can I also use tea tree essential oil for hair?

    Yes. Apart from skin, you can also use this essential oil to get rid of head lice, lice eggs, and dandruff. Make sure you mix it with carrier oil.

  • In how much time does tea tree oil expire?

    Tea tree essential oil is a pure form of oil that does not have an expiration date. However, with time it may lose its healing properties.

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