Tulsi Green Tea
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Tulsi Green Tea

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Tulsi Green Tea

Do you have stress? Are you trying to lose weight or cure any other health condition? Well, Teatox Tulsi Green Tea is a one-stop solution for all wellbeing problems. Holy Basil infused with premium quality green tea and other nutrient-rich ingredients ensure a plethora of health benefits.

Tulsi Green Tea buy online at Teatox to witness miraculous benefits for yourself!

Why Should You Choose Teatox Tulsi Green Tea?

  • Nutrient-rich Teatox tulsi & green tea blend is a therapeutic infusion for the mind and body alike. Without compromising your love for tea, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with our exclusive tea range. 
  • Our tea collection is free of any added flavours, sugar and artificial colours. We use 100% organic ingredients that keep you safe from any side-effects.
  • We make sure to prepare the nutritious drink by handpicking and using only sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Teatox tea blends are backed by centuries-old ancient science to facilitate you with utmost health benefits through a cup of tea.
  • Our flavorful, energetic, and aromatic organic tea range is ideal for getting your daily dose of energy without a high intake of caffeine.
  • If you are looking for organic tulsi tea for weight loss, don’t look beyond this Teatox tea range. 
  • Our tulsi green tea benefits as a home cure to treat fever, cold, cough and other respiratory issues.
  • Teatox Tulsi Green Tea buy online to get radiant skin and strong hair by consuming it once a day.
  • Our tea range is easy to prepare. You can enjoy it as a cold or hot brew as per your preference.

Key Ingredients


Also known as Queen of Herbs, tulsi is full of antioxidants that help relieve various diseases. Buy organic India Tulsi Green Tea online and carry on with your day full of energy!

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and poly-phenols. Hence, it is widely used all across Asia due to its plenty of health benefits. 


An Ayurvedic shrub is famous for its unlimited medicinal properties, such as stress-relieving, constipation, insomnia, improving immunity, and reducing inflammation.


A rich source of bioflavonoids that relieve you from several ailments caused by vitamin C deficiency. Also, it keeps your immunity level strong.


Adds a great aroma to tea blends to enhance your tea session. The anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and prebiotic properties of the ingredient ensure better wellbeing.


Hibiscus is a delicious and aromatic yet healthy ingredient as it boasts flavonoids and laxative properties. It helps relieve menstrual cramps, depression, hypertension, and indigestion.

White Sage

Suffering from fatigue, cough, or cold? White sage in our tea infusion can help you.

Apple Candy

Another great ingredient in our tea collection, which makes it an effective energy drink to eliminate sleepiness.

Tulsi Green Tea Benefits

  • Helps alleviate stress and lethargy by rejuvenating the mind.
  • Reduces extra fat from the body.
  • Improves metabolism and digestive system.
  • Good for hair and skin.
  • Boosts the body’s immune system.
  • Anti-microbial properties remove bacteria from the mouth and fight bad breath.


Tulsi Green Tea

  • What is an ideal time to drink Tulsi & Green Tea?

    You can drink our Tulsi infused green tea throughout the day. However, an ideal time will be either around the morning or early at night. Drinking this tea two hours before or after the meals can also increase the nutrient intake in the body.

  • How much tulsi tea to consume in a day?

    You can drink three to five cups of tulsi tea daily for maximum health benefits.

  • What ingredients are added in Teatox Tulsi Green Tea?

    Teatox brings a wide range of Tulsi infused Green Tea blends to satiate the taste and needs of every tea lover. You’ll find flavours like ashwagandha, ginger, cinnamon, lemon, apple candy, cinnamon, and hibiscus in our organic tea variety.

  • Is organic tulsi tea for weight loss really effective?

    Yes, when you buy organic India Tulsi Green Tea online you can shed calories and unhealthy belly fat effectively.

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