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  • Green Tea Slimming Weightloss Morning Tea
  • Green Tea Slimming Weightloss Morning Tea

Green Tea Slimming Weightloss Morning Tea

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Weight loss is real trouble for those who are overweight and want to achieve a slim waist. Despite sweating and controlling their diet, the results are not always up to the mark. Hence, the fitness enthusiast needs to add dietary elements which can complement the weight loss regime you are following. The nutrients in the Teatox Life slimming morning tea has been added carefully which will support the weight loss by burning fat and boosting metabolism.

Benefits of Slimming Tea

  • Helps manage weight loss
  • Manage sugar cravings
  • Appetite suppressant 
  • Helps in lowering blood sugar
  • Break down fat

Herbal Detox Blend Features

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Nutrient rich blend
  • Fresh and pleasant aroma
  • Helps manage stress

Making Detox Cleanse Tea

  • Bring cup of water to boil
  • Add 1 tea spoon of blend
  • Steep for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Filter mixture into cup
  • Add honey & lemon


Oolong tea: The properties of oolong tea is much helpful in improving fat breakdown, boosting metabolism and preventing the proliferation of cell fat. It has high amounts of antioxidants which also strengthens the immune system.  

Peppermint: Mint leaves are known to boost digestion, suppresses the appetite, burns calories. All this combined allows you to lose weight.  

Rooibos: It contains 50 per cent antioxidants more than green tea and also helps in increasing the levels of leptin. Rooibos helps in managing the sugar levels in the body and is low-calorific in nature.  

Ashwagandha: It is beneficial for the nervous system as Ashwagandha promotes the levels of cortisol and adrenal glands, thus reducing stress. It provides intense energy during the workout and helps in reducing fatigue. It reduces body fat and increases the muscle mass in the body, thus toning the body and reducing weight. 

Jasmine: Jasmine, as a tea component, can boost metabolism by 5% and burn fat by 10-15%. It is also a low-calorific ingredient. Jasmine can improve bowel function, thus solving all the digestive problems. When the digestion is good, the fat burning process is enhanced. 

Gymnema Sylvestor: It is known as the destroyer of sugar as it blocks the sweet taste buds on the tongue. Hence, your sugar cravings are controlled, and thus there is a loss of consumption of high calories. 

Moringa: The leaves of moringa accelerates the weight loss process by speeding up your metabolism. It also helps in controlling your carbohydrates craving. Fat deposition and breakdown are also promoted, thus benefiting your weight loss goal. 

How to boost your well-being?

Weight loss is not just exercising intensely. It largely depends on what you eat and what you avoid. Hence, to promote your dietary intake, Tea Tox brings different teas which can be your weight loss partner:

Slimming Night Tea: Just like the morning tea, the night slimming tea promotes in muscle repair, fat breakdown and curbs the cravings. This combination of day and night tea can give you fruitful results in weight loss.

Thyroid Tea: Those who have hyperthyroidism, they know that weight loss is a level 2 challenge for them. Adding Tea Tox Thyroid tea can be beneficial for their thyroid gland as it supports in bringing back the thyroid levels to normal. 


Teatox Life’s Slimming Morning Detox Tea is the ideal health drink specially formulated without calories for health-conscious weight watchers. It helps in controlling your body weight and reduces the quantity of bad cholesterol in your blood. Slimming Morning Tea is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is the perfect substitute for addictive beverages.

    1. I am a 30-year old man, can I take this tea?

    This tea is designed for age groups and both for men and women who are looking to lose weight, burn fat, boost digestion and develop muscles. 

    2. My son is 15-year old and is overweight. His BMI is above 30.

    You can start giving him a combination of slimming morning tea and night tea. If he has thyroid, you can begin to thyroid tea too. All the ingredients are organic, pure and support weight loss. This when combined with regular exercise and healthy (non fatty fiber rich diet) will lead to significant weight loss.

    3. Do you have a return policy?

    We do accept returns within 30 days of purchase on all unopened packages. However, the package should be in the fresh and original form and in original packaging and return shipping needs to be paid by the buyer.

    4. I have PCOD and thus gaining weight. Can I lose weight through this tea?

    You can have a cup of slimming morning tea on an empty stomach and slimming night tea before bedtime. The ingredients can curb your craving, suppress your appetite. You must also work out at least 5 hours a week to promote weight loss. 

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